Steele Belted – 7

While Laura and Hunky Barry are playing games at the arcade, Mr. Steele has his own amusements.


We first see a door cracking open into a darkened room.


A flip of the light switch reveals Mr. Steele and his date from the previous evening.


She’s pleased with what she sees: “It’s so tidy!”


Turns out the lady is a neat freak. A well-ordered habitation stimulates her!

BeardedSMiley Because I’m willing to go the extra mile for you, dear reader, I actually did some research to find out if there is a recognized sexual disorder/fetish for “neatness.” I found none; however, there is a disorder called mysophilia, in which a person becomes aroused by “dirtiness, soiled or decaying things.” So Steele’s date has whatever the opposite is of this.


The lady begins shedding her fur as she takes in the ambiance of Steele’s apartment. She tells him that if the whole place is this well-ordered, it might take all night to calm her down.


Mr. Steele stands ready to assist.


He directs his date to the boudoir, no doubt to freshen up before they pull out a board game. Scrabble, anyone?


While he date is getting fresh, Mr. Steele turns up the heat.


Suddenly Miss Stimulated reappears, looking a bit less … eager. Steele is disappointed; surely she hasn’t calmed down already? She replies that she found the bedroom a bit crowded for her taste.


Steele and the lady enter the bedroom. Are those two-toned shoes? Oh, dear.

Happy news!


You can get a pair of shoes just like this on eBay for only $79. I wonder if Waldo is the seller?


Guess not. Waldo won’t be selling anything any time soon.


The sequined chick wants to know if he’s ….

“Extremely,” Steele confirms. Not to mention:


Sequined chick expresses bemusement that there are so many creative ways to end an evening.

Either Mr. Steele particularly likes this woman, bringing her home two nights in a row, or it’s because she’s a sure thing (Laura’s not the only itchy one). Mr. Steele doesn’t seem all that stimulated himself – he is positively leisurely in setting the stage for seduction – and treats the lady with just slightly less detachment than he does the corpse. I’m a little sorry to see Waldo go. Not because I particularly liked him, but because his name was Waldo.






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5 responses to “Steele Belted – 7

  1. eaz35173

    OMG, too funny with the Munchkin song inserted there!!! One of the interesting things in this scene for me is that until Miss Stimulated comes out of the bedroom, Steele has not uttered one word. He has pantomimed the whole thing up until that point. Like you said, somewhat detached, like he’s following a script and only needs to use hand gestures to move the evening along. I think he’s out with this woman for a second time because the last time they were out, the evening ended abruptly and on a sour note. I think he was giving her a make-up date. Thankfully (?) there was another interruption to their evening. Although I think Waldo might beg to differ on my being thankful for that 😉

  2. LOL, a “make up date.” He’s a gentleman, is our Mr. Steele.

    • daphgg

      I agree it is a makeup date and he is only lukewarm towards her. Just someone who can temporarily smooth the itchiness. His mind seems elsewhere perhaps with Laura. Why are they not together this evening? They are both thinking about each other while trying to pull off pseudo-dates.

  3. Luann

    Keri, this is random but I just want to compliment you on the banner/header for this website. It makes me smile every time I (obsessively check for new post) stop by.

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