Steele Belted – 10

Apologies for the delay in posting; I’m having computer problems (no sound). Boo!

Anyway, when last we left our intrepid detectives, Mr. Steele was taking a call from Hunky Barry. As the next scene opens …


… we see Mr. Steele entering a police station.  He has a confident stride!


As he passes by one of the precinct’s finest, he gives him a friendly little pat on the back. Clearly Mr. Steele is well known here!


Our hero encounters Hunky Barry, who expresses surprise that Steele has been able to get Buddy released to his custody.


“The name Remington Steele has a certain standing in the law enforcement community,” Steele explains.


“You ever want a job fixing traffic tickets, I can make us a fortune,” jokes Hunky Barry.


Mr. Steele is not amused. He was under the impression that HB isn’t interested in material gain. HB wants to know where he got THAT idea.


“Miss Holt. She’s quite taken with your selflessness.”


“Well, I’m quite taken with everything about her,” HB answers.

Steele drops the smirky banter.


“What are your intentions toward her?”


“What are your intentions in asking?”

randomalert Hunky Barry’s chiseled visage reminds me of the memoirs of B-movie icon Bruce Campbell. I think Hunky Barry could do a lot of damage with his mandible.


Dueling chins!


Mr. Steele affects a blithe unconcern. “Oh, professional curiosity,” he shrugs. “Speaking as her boss, I wouldn’t want to see her hurt. Unhappiness tends to reduce efficiency.”


Hunky Barry wouldn’t DREAM of reducing her efficiency. (Is that supposed to be a double entendre?)


Mr. Steele lifts his own chin into firing position. He tells HB that he’d “take serious exception to anyone causing Laura pain.”

This is shaping up to be a stand-off.


So much testosterone!


“Is that a threat?” HB wants to know.


“It’s a word to the wise, Mr. Phillips,” says Steele. “I sincerely hope you fall into that category.”

I have my doubts, Mr. Steele.


I’m also pretty sure that in a fist fight, Hunky Barry would beat the hell out of you.


Just then Buddy arrives. He tells Steele he’s a man of his word!

“Mr. Phillips and I were just talking about that,” Steele confirms.


As the jailbird takes off, Mr. Steele gives his adversary a last, meaningful look.

So lots of machismo on display here. I have to wonder how Laura would respond to this little spectacle of two men puffing their chests out over her. I’m not sure she would be impressed. Do you think Steele was warning Hunky Barry off, implying that Miss Holt is already taken, or simply advising him to be good to Laura? I have to wonder if HB will pursue Laura even more strongly now, just to “out-man” Steele. Your thoughts?










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7 responses to “Steele Belted – 10

  1. daphgg

    Sorry about your computer problems. They are such a drag.

    Oh I believe Steele is threatening Phillips and Phillips took it as such. After all Steele’s comments are for the wise. He obviously thinks Phillips isn’t very wise messing with his Laura. Phillips now has answers to the question his posed to Laura about her and her ” boss” . If he’s smart he won’t waste his time. He already seen how she hangs on his every word, now he has proof how Steele feels. Steele’s cloaked professional concern fools no one except possibly Laura. I am wondering why is that?

  2. eaz35173

    Yeah, that testosterone was just a tad too thick in this scene. And I agree, Daph, I don’t think HB was fooled one bit by Steele’s “professional” concern.

    Strange that HB mentioned parking tickets as a way to earn a fortune. Makes him sound like an “ambulance chaser”, which doesn’t boost his esteem in my book (or Mr. Steele’s).

    Ha, about the duel of the chins!! I loved Bruce Campbell in The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr., btw! Hmmmm, I wonder who WOULD win a fist fight between Mr. Steele and HB????

    • daphgg

      Now Elise you know Steele would win! After all he is a trained pro boxer even though it isn’t revealed in Season 1. But one thing I notice consistently he doesn’t lose any fights and others win by sneaking up from behind and hitting him on the head which happened earlier in this episode. Hmmm I wonder who did that?

      Although skinny he is scrappy, determined, and will put your lights out if given half a chance. He’s my hero. Lol.

      • eaz35173

        Very true. That boxing training does come in handy. I was just trying to be vague. You know, it never occurred to me to try to figure out who clonked Steele at the motel. I figured it was Rubio because he followed him up to the room, but now you have me rethinking that. Another great reason to participate in this blog!

  3. steeleinterested

    Have to say Steele or no Steele, I failed then and now to see what Laura even pretends to see in HB.

    I love the ‘man of his word’ bit in this scene 🙂

  4. daphgg

    I enjoy all the comments on this blog. You all make me think and remember why I enjoy RS so much.

    Yes I am stupitified (probably not a word) why Laura was interested in HB also. I think she was trying to make Steele jealous enough to break her rule without losing face. It was a stupid rule and now she doesn’t want to live with it. She misjudged him, that he would respect her wishes. Now she has to jump start their relationship herself.

    • eaz35173

      Interesting take on Laura having to save face and jump start the relationship with Steele. He did seem to respect her wishes, didn’t he? He is a gentleman where women are concerned.

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