With sincere condolences

I interrupt our current episode discussion to offer tribute to Efrem Zimbalist, Jr., Stephanie’s Dad and the jaunty Daniel on RS, who has passed away at the age of 95. He had an extraordinary career and was, by all accounts, a good man. I extend my sympathy to Miss Zimbalist and her family in this time of loss.

t-with_dad Daniel1


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9 responses to “With sincere condolences

  1. steeleinterested

    Just watched “Sting of Steele” yesterday on a flight back home and got goosebumps again when he and Stephanie danced the waltz.

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    • Ines

      😦 Love that scene!
      And was the scene that came to my mind too, when I heard the sad news.
      Such a great man!

      But instead of the sadness, I’m glad he is still remembered all around the world because of his wonderful personality. I can say that even in the southest part of the world (just where I live), he is still remembered with a lot of respect. Here’s one link:

    • Melissa

      Remington Steele must hold a fond place in Stephanie’s heart, if only for letting her work with her father and capturing those scenes so elegantly.

  2. eaz35173

    Sad news indeed 😦

    That waltzing scene is one of my favorite Daniel/Laura and Efrem/Stephanie moments.

  3. He has always been one of my favorite actors. So enjoyed him as Daniel Chalmers, a great talent. I admired him as a person. My prayers with the family.

  4. Hi kgmrohr, 95 is a fantastic innings. I didn’t know Stephanie’s father was in an episode of RS! [hi guys.. I’m a totaly RS ignoramous!]
    Was he in an episode of the Nanny too?

  5. debilyn

    He seemed to be a gracious man and was a very talented actor.

  6. iheartsmk

    I was heart-broken when I heard the news! One of the things that made RS so special was that is was a family affair: Stephanie and her dad; Pierce and his wife! Efrem was a wonderful actor and person. He will be greatly missed!

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