Etched in Steele – 3

We left Mr. Steele and Miss Holt having just made a date of sorts (though I suspect Laura would dispute that description strenuously).


Now we see the agency limo heading down an L.A. street.

funfacticon The Mayflower sign in the background identifies the Mayflower Hotel, opened in 1927. Apparently it’s now a Hilton.


Inside the limo, Laura and Steele are – wait a minute! That’s not Fred! The agency’s usual chauffeur must have the evening off. Anyway, in the backseat, Laura and Steele are sitting rather close together. Steele is in a tux and Laura is dolled up.  She wants to know who else is going to be at this party.


“Actually, it’s being held to celebrate the completion of a new manuscript by Charlotte Knight,” he informs her. This gets her attention! Apparently Laura is familiar with this Charlotte’s work.


Laura waxes lyrical. “Have you ever read any of her books? Every thigh is creamy white, every breast is full and heaving. Men don’t caress their women, they seize them …”


“…and people don’t meet and fall in love, they have zipless encounters and disappear into the night.” Hm. Laura seems a little turned on. What exactly is a zipless encounter, anyway? Mr. Steele seems a bit nonplused by Laura’s ardent recitation.


“How quaint,” he remarks. “Sounds as if you’re a fan of this Miss Knight.”


“Well, no, no, I’ve never actually read any of her books,” Laura insists, uncomfortably. Mr. Steele’s expression suggests he’s thinking …


But what he actually says is, “Of course.”

Laura clarifies that she’s only HEARD about Charlotte Knight’s work.


“Mm-hmm, reading is such a chore,” Steele smirks.

This is a short entry, but the next scene is quite long, so I thought it best to do it separately. In this little scene, we get some insight into Laura. First, she has taken some pains to dress for the occasion – which hardly seems necessary if the plan is to show up, tell Forsythe the deal is off, and leave again. She’s interested in who else will be at the soiree – I get the impression Laura is a bit excited to be moving in such glittering society. Presumably the day-to-day legwork of the detective has not afforded many such opportunities before Mr. Steele came on the scene.

We learn a bit about Laura’s reading habits, too. It seems the no-nonsense, business-before-pleasure girl has a weakness for steamy literature. Perhaps since she doesn’t allow herself the indulgence of a real-life relationship, she has to seek vicarious gratification through the pages of these bodice rippers. Does it hint at a more passionate, sensual side to Laura than we have been allowed to glimpse so far?





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11 responses to “Etched in Steele – 3

  1. Luann

    “Zipless encounter” is a cleaned-up reference to the term coined by Erica Jong in her 1973 book Fear of Flying. From the Urban Dictionary: “It is a sexual encounter between strangers that has the swift compression of a dream and is seemingly free of all remorse and guilt. It is absolutely pure, there is no power game and it is free of ulterior motives. It has also been described as the perfect one night stand.”

    In her words, “The zipless &$(@ is the purest thing there is, rarer than the unicorn and I have never had one. – “Fear of Flying”

    • eaz35173

      The things we learn in this blog!! Thanx, Luann, for clearing that up!

      Hmmmm, could there be a more passionate Laura under that business exterior?? Love that she gave some hint of that part of her to Steele … she was just unguarded enough to let it slip. You can see his wheels turning.

      Good observation about Fred! I read a fic (I forget the name of the story and the author) where Steele had a conversation with Fred telling him that he could have any time off that he wanted as long as he found another “Fred” to take his place and that person would answer to the name “Fred”. A creative way to explain the different faces of Fred that we will see in the show.

      • Luann

        Yes, well, you can guess what books I was sneak-reading during my Saturday evening baby-sitting gigs in high school. I figure Charlotte Knight is supposed to be an amalgamation of Erica Jong and Danielle Steele.

      • eaz35173

        I remember Fear of Flying on my mom’s bookshelf. Perhaps I should have read that one!

    • Ines

      Thanks for the explanation!!
      Sometimes I find myself in front of those phrases, and guess what they would mean…
      I have my own imagination working, but having the stuff professionally explained feels a lot more secure. Lol

  2. daphgg

    Well Laura definitely likes more than a smidgen when reading that’s for sure. I wonder why she felt it was necessary to lie to Steele about her reading erotica. Steele seems a little judgemental maybe? I mean he doesn’t seem to be the prude type. Or is it he just finds that type of reading distasteful next to his Dickens’ quotes? I understand his reaction to her lying but not to her quoting from Charlotte Knight’s book.

    • I think Mr. Steele’s reaction mostly stems from surprise. What he’s seen of Laura so far wouldn’t lead him to expect her reading habits to include steamy stuff. He may be seeing her in a different light here, and trying to work out how *this* Laura fits into the picture of Miss Holt he has in his head.

  3. daphgg

    Hmm. I guess I am surprised that he would be surprised about Laura reading steamy novels. Many people do. So why not Laura? Maybe he doesn’t or he assumed Laura never would. It appears our Mr. Steele has Laura on a pedestal made of angelic proportions.

    • Laura puts out a no-nonsense, cool and detached vibe. Offered the chance to hit the sheets with Mr. Steele, she admits temptation but seemingly has no trouble passing it up. So I think the suggestion that there is a passionate side to her character that she doesn’t reveal to the world intrigues him.

  4. daphgg

    Great point. Steele looks beyond people’s facades. He would be intrigued as to why Laura needs to be so detached and no-nonsense especially when confronted with personal temptation. It amazes me how cooperative and patient he is.

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