Etched in Steele – 5

The gala party seems to have broken up after Gomez left early. Grisly death does tend to put a damper on things, I suppose.


As the bartending staff clean up in the background, we see some guy. Who can he be?


Apparently Mr. Steele and Miss Holt didn’t get the memo that the party is over. Don’t you hate it when guests don’t know when to go home? The strange guy startles them on the balcony.

“So you’re the famous Shamus, eh?” he says as Steele nearly leaps over the railing.


“Dennis Baker, Charlotte’s agent.”


Steele introduces Laura: “Laura Holt, my associate.”


Agent Baker notes that it’s been quite an evening, and asks if the detectives have known Gomez Mitch long.


“Actually, we met him for the first time tonight,” says Laura. She starts to stammer something polite, but the agent interrupts.


He indicates he knows Charlotte’s hubby was in his cups that evening, and it wasn’t unusual. “People would see Charlotte Knight on television and say to themselves, what I wouldn’t give to spend a night next to that. But it takes its toll, like owning Fort Knox; you’re so busy guarding it, you can’t enjoy spending it.”

So Charlotte’s agent echoes Gomez’s earlier remarks about not being the kind of guy you’d expect to be married to Charlotte. Hm.


Steele gives Laura a bit of side-eye at this. I wonder what he’s thinking?


“Stupid fool, never could hold his liquor,” Baker concludes. Think they’re making a case for suicide? He heads back into the apartment.


Laura and Steele follow. Laura remarks that Mr. Knight would have had to be pretty athletic to fall over the railing. (Um, what? The railing looked to be about waist level to me.) It seems Laura isn’t buying the suicide theory.

BeardedSMiley Laura and Steele’s body language is interesting here. We see Mr. Steele rubbing the back of his head. According to body language experts, this indicates either impatience or sadness. I wonder which is true of Mr. Steele here? And Laura is rubbing her hands together, a sign of stress. I wonder why this incident is affecting them both so markedly?


“What are you getting at?” Baker asks as Forsythe approaches.


“She’ll be all right,” Forsythe remarks, adding that she (presumably Charlotte) is with Tony.

spoileralert emoticon Remington Steele fans will have good reason to mistrust anyone named Tony. Just sayin’. tonyroselli


Laura’s had about enough of this blasé attitude toward poor Gomez’s demise. “Aren’t either of you concerned that Mitchell Knight just died in a manner identical to the one in his wife’s new book?”


“I’m sorry, Miss Holt. You’ve lost me,” Forsythe says.

Wait a minute. Do these two guys remind you of anyone?




“You mean to say there is no scene of a man falling 35 floors to his death in the new book?”


Apparently not, though Forsythe wishes there was. “In the book, the people are so busy jumping on each other that nobody has the chance to fall 35 floors.” He admits that, even as a macho Navy veteran, he blushed when he read it. He sees a certain gleam in the detectives’ eyes. “That mean that you know something that we should?”


“Forgive us, gentlemen,” Steele demurs. “Miss Holt and I deal in death daily. Occasionally our imaginations tend to run away with us and we tend to look for treachery where there clearly is none.” I get the impression Mr. Steele isn’t eager to get further involved with this case.


Forsythe is disappointed. “A little treachery could have gone a long way this evening. I’m not opposed to calling your book Remington Steele’s 11 Most Famous Cases.” (A little treachery could have gone a long way to … what?)


I don’t think Steele likes that idea. What happened to his zeal for a literary career?


Agent Baker is irked by Forsythe’s callousness. “They haven’t even hosed Mitch’s blood off the sidewalk.”


“You wouldn’t negotiate the deal, Dennis?” Forsythe challenges him. Speaking of deals …


“About that book-“


Steele winces as Laura suddenly stamps on his foot, silencing him. Apparently she’s had a change of heart about the Remington Steele Files, Vol. 1.


“Yes! Won’t it be wonderful! Remington Steele’s book. Who knows, maybe someday he’ll even have his own cartoon show on Saturday mornings!” 


Scooby Steele? Works for me!


Laura hustles Steele out the door before he can ask what the hell is going on.

So … the plot thickens. Nobody seems very upset that Gomez is dead, the plot of Charlotte’s new novel isn’t what the dead man said it was, and Laura has suddenly decided Remington Steele should pen his memoirs after all. What’s going on here?







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2 responses to “Etched in Steele – 5

  1. eaz35173

    That picture of Scooby Steele is hilarious! And the screenshots of Laura stomping on Steele’s foot were captured at just the right time! Oh, and Bert and Ernie – I will never look at this episode the same again – LOL!

    It is odd that no one seems to be bothered by Mitchell’s death – especially if their marriage was the inspiration for all those novels. Laura obviously smells a case here and needs Forsythe to think that Steele is still interested in a book deal in order to sniff around a bit. OUCH on poor Steele’s foot – especially with those heels that Laura loves to wear!!

  2. daphgg

    Bert and Ernie? LOL……………………. You slay me (to use one of Steele’s sayings).

    What a strange bunch of characters! No remorse for Gomez’s death, callous and impersonal and they worked with the guy. No wonder Steele remembered that their goal in attending this party was to remove himself from the book deal. He wants no part of this gruesome two-some. Laura gets suspicious and thinks Gomez was pushed off the balcony and wants justice for him. Funny how Steele and Laura are having the same emotional reactions to his death but want to take different paths. I am starting to notice how much they are alike emotionally.

    I would love to watch a Remington Steele cartoon on Saturday mornings. Scooby Do LOL.

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