Etched in Steele – 7

Having stomped off mad from the agency, Mr. Steele stomps all the way over to …


… a slightly tacky looking faux-wood door. He knocks.


Trick or treat!


“Charlotte Knight?” Mr. Steele inquires, though he certainly knows who she is. “I’m Remington Steele.”

“Oh my goodness, you are, aren’t you?” she responds, looking somewhat predatory.



Yep, that’s the one.


Just then, Tony the Gardener makes a shirtless appearance. I wonder what he’s been ploughing today? Charlotte asks Mr. Steele to wait while she gets rid of a few things.


I think Mr. Steele finds her charming!


Moments later, Mr. Steele is being served champagne with a side of thigh strawberries & cream. We see Charlotte surreptitiously rubbing Remington’s calf as the butler (?) pours the bubbly.


Handing his hostess a fizzy coupe, Mr. Steele expresses appreciation that she deigned to see him, “especially now, in your hour of grief.”


Charlotte is blunt. “It must be more than apparent to you that I’m far from devastated by Mitchell’s passing,” she admits.


“I had noticed a certain casual indifference,” he concedes, but says he thought she was putting up a good front. (Interesting that Steele holds his glass by the base, not the stem. How gauche, Mr. Steele!)


Charlotte thinks Mr. Steele is sweet. (Sweet enough to eat?)




Charlotte wants to make herself clear. “I’m not made of stone Mr. Steele. I loved Mitchell. I loved him very much. It just wasn’t the love of a woman for her man.”


She pauses to demonstrate the love of a woman for her … strawberry.


Steele is … turned on?


“Am I making myself clear?”


“As a bell, Mrs. Knight.”


Something tells me this tete a’ tete is over.


Charlotte pursues the clearly uncomfortable detective.


How fast can you run, Mr. Steele?


Charlotte asks her visitor if she makes him nervous.



Steele decides it’s time to get down to business. “Let me tell you why I’m here. Perhaps you’ve heard, Russell Forsyth has asked me to write a book.”


Charlotte is thrilled! “We are going to have so much in common!”


Mr. Steele has something to ask, but he doesn’t want to be too personal.


The widow Knight assures him that isn’t possible.


“Just how do you do it?”

Well, that’s awkward.

Perhaps this might help, Mr. Steele.


Miss Knight seems … nonplused. She wants to know what’s the it he wants to know how she does. When he explains he wants to know how she writes, she is irked.


“How do I write? I write … WONDERFULLY.”

With those nails? How does she even hold a pen?


Steele is wondering the same thing. “No, no, no, no, no. I mean,  do you use a pencil and paper or do you type? Do you know what every chapter is going to be about before you put it on paper, or do you make it up as you go along?”


“That really is why you came here, isn’t it?” I think Charlotte is beginning to wonder if Mr. Steele is capable of loving her as a man loves a woman.


Mr. Steele’s not telling!

Here we see Mr. Steele doing his own sleuthing. It’s clear he’s dealt with Charlotte’s type before (I can’t help wondering how Murphy would have handled this situation). It’s interesting that Steele is willing to put up with Charlotte’s advances up to a point, but there are limits to what he’ll do to get the information he seeks. Is it just because Charlotte turns him off, or would he react the same way with another woman? I wonder, after this interaction with the widow, if Steele is still as convinced that there’s no murder case to investigate?









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5 responses to “Etched in Steele – 7

  1. eaz35173

    I think he realized early on (the previous “knight”) that Charlotte was not to his liking. I imagine that he anticipated this reaction from her, and as you mentioned, he has probably dealt with his fair share of women predators (love the dino gifs, btw). I do like that, without prompting from Laura or Murphy, he is asking some very good questions about her creative process. I don’t think that Laura and Murphy are giving him enough credit or realizing what an asset they have in him for more than just being the face of the agency.

  2. daphgg

    I agree. Steele knows a predatory woman when he encounters one. I noticed in the previous scene that he was not excited about meeting Charlotte like Laura was. In this scene he appears mildly amused and politely interested but not attracted to her. I love that about him. Somewhere along the way in this series Steele has decided he wants a woman he can trust, like Laura. After talking with this predator I wouldn’t be surprised if he changed his mind about the suicide.

    He is doing a great job of sleuthing even though he may not know the significance of the information he’s gathered. Laura needs to give him an award for his work here.

    Love the dinosaurs. LOL.

  3. Luann

    She’s the ultimate “peroxide piranha” isn’t she?

  4. Great commentary and visuals. I think also that Mr. Steele is really starting to feel a loyalty in his personal relationship with Laura, and deep down likes her realness. He may be getting a little tired of superficial women, such as Charlotte Knight and Felicia.

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