Etched in Steele – 10


We’re back, after a MUCH longer hiatus than I expected. I toyed with not bringing the blog back, because it hasn’t generated much interest. However, I hate to quit in the middle of something. So we’ll give it another go.

When last we left our intrepid detectives,


Laura had just announced to their prime suspects that Mr. Steele was convinced that someone murdered Mitchell Knight.


Later, headed back to the office, Mr. Steele seems somewhat doubtful …

“Convinced? Am I really?”

Laura assures him that yes, he is.


She can still smell it!


In the office, Bernice is … busy? I still wonder what the heck that art piece is on the wall.  Laura wants to know if there have been any calls; Bernice snorts. Laura and Steele retreat to their respective offices.


But Steele isn’t finished with this conversation! “Would you like to know what I think?” he demands, limping into Laura’s office.


“You know what you are? YOU ARE A WORKAHOLIC!”


Laura is .. stunned? “No, really?” She admits it’s a terrible vice; perhaps he should try it some time.


Steele continues his rant. “It just drives you crazy that there are no mysteries to solve! No clues to ponder, no suspects to … suspect!” Oh, Mr. Steele. By now you should know better than to question Laura’s motives.


Ahem. She most certainly DOES have a mystery to solve, clues to ponder, suspects to suspect! (Why Laura, what a wide mouth you have!)


Not to be outdone, Steele also opens his mouth very wide. ” .. heaven forbid that she has a second to stop and think and feel, and perhaps … perhaps …”


“… get close to some of the people she works with!” Steele points to himself with both hands here. Do you think he has someone specific in mind?


Uh, oh. All this shouting has woken the baby. Murphy appears, plaintively declaring, “I heard fighting so I knew Mom and Dad were home.”


Steele sees a potential ally -albeit an unlikely one – in Murph. He asks the junior detective if he’s EVER seen Laura just doing nothing in her office.


Nope. Steele’s on a roll. He hates hates hates all those little lists Laura keeps. “Check her desk, Murphy. I’ll bet it’s chock full of little lists!”


Um … Murphy would rather not. And get your impossibly perfect hair out of my face, Steele.


Laura’s had enough. NOBODY insults her lists! “Get out of my office!”


Murphy quails in the face of her wrath. “Can I go now?” He begins to sidle away …


… as Laura grabs her coat and stomps out.


Steele is in hot pursuit! He’s certainly determined to make his point.


Bum leg notwithstanding, Steele makes it to the door ahead of Laura.


“Laura – Laura – Laura – Laura! Wait – wait – wait – wait!”


“Last chance: Go away with me.” (Would YOU say no?)


Laura wavers … “What about the case?” she protests, half-heartedly. Play your hand smartly now, Steele.

“There is no case! In order for there to be a case, there has to be a mystery, a circumstance, an occurrence that remains unexplained,” he adds.


 “Who told you that?” I think she’s impressed by his recitation.



Laura reminds him that Mitchell Knight fell 35 stories to his death. “Why?” she demands, rhetorically.


“He was drunk as a skunk in a funk!” Very eloquent, Mr. Steele. But Laura’s not buying it. (Note: I don’t think Pierce is wearing his caps in this scene.)


“You’re wrong!” (Why is it so important to Laura that he be wrong?)


“About Mitchell Knight … or about you?” Steele presses.


Laura’s not going to dignify that with an answer. She turns on her heel and walks away.


A clearly frustrated Mr. Steele returns to the office, alone.

 A few thoughts: Mr. Steele’s limp seems to come and go – do you think he’s affecting it as a ploy to win sympathy from Laura? His comment about keeping lists certainly struck a nerve with Miss Holt; is she bothered that Mr. Steele considers her so rigid? Her turmoil about her feelings for Mr. Steele are fully on display here – she really, REALLY wants to go away with him … but Sensible Laura knows that would be a very dangerous thing to do. I wonder if Laura really believes there is a case here, or is she grasping at straws, inventing a professional obligation to focus on to distract her from her feelings for Mr. Steele? And Mr. Steele could certainly find any number of nubile young ladies willing to go away with him – why is he so determined that Laura give in to him this time?







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9 responses to “Etched in Steele – 10

  1. eaz35173

    YAY!!!! You’re back!! And another great entry, too! I think that what’s got Laura so irked about the lists comments and not being about to sit stll doing nothing, is that she realizes that Steele has her pegged. When she tells him he’s wrong and he asks if it’s about the case or her, she doesn’t answer – very telling. I do think that Laura really does think there is a case here. I don’t think she’s trying to hide from Steele behind the guise of a case.

    We can see some of Steele’s growth as a student here, by the way he seems to quote things Laura has taught him. I’m not sure there are actual lessons going on, but he is certainly paying attention to what she and Murphy do.

    Love that Murphy threw in that Mom & Dad line!

    I didn’t notice the caps missing. Perhaps it was the lighting. I did notice that Pierce’s hair seemed to be much more brown and fluffy (for lack of a better word) in that conversation out in the hallway. Guess the hair department forgot to put in his usual product.

  2. I agree that Steele has Laura pegged. She IS a classic workaholic and judges herself and her life by what she accomplishes through her work. She is so busy running a successful business that she has forgotten that she needs to be successful on a personal level too. (Having run a business myself, I know what that is like.) Murphy’s obvious desire to leave the room and to do so quickly after he gets pulled in as a witness provides further proof that Steele is right.

    I love that Steele asserts himself as an equal partner despite the fact that she is his mentor and boss. Laura doesn’t seem to hear that he wants to be her partner. I find that interesting especially when Murphy jokingly calls them Mom and Dad. (Cracks me up) He recognizes Steele’s partnership desires too. I guess Laura isn’t very introspective or perhaps too embarrased amid the accusations to see the dynamics of it all. After all Steele is implying that she can be boring and she doesn’t know what fun is. That’s a serious accusation from someone with whom you want to have a relationship.

    I think that Laura “suspects” there may be a case but once again she is using work to create a buffer between her and Steele. She loves her safety zones.

    Steele only wants Laura. He has given up his life of crime for her. He just turned down Charlotte Knight for her. He knows she is it for him. She knows he is it for her too but she is insisting on guarantees and lots of control.

  3. Ines

    So glad you are back! 🙂
    Interesting insights.
    I think everything can be resumed in one word: Power.
    Murphy is a smart guy. He slides away as fast as he can from the wrestling scene. 😉

  4. Yes, Pierce looks different in the hallway scenes. To me he resembles Peter Gallagher a bit. I feel for Laura in this scene. Essentially, Steele is telling her she isn’t very interesting or likable (which we know he doesn’t really feel). I think Steele recognizes that there is a less rigid, warmer Laura under the surface, but she’s afraid to let it show, lest it be seen as a sign of weakness. He thinks by baiting her he can bring it out.

    • eaz35173

      I absolutely believe he’s baiting her – daring the Laura that he knows is under the surface to show her true colors. He’s got to know that she is a risk taker and lives a bit on the dangerous side by creating the whole con of Remington Steele. That’s not done by someone who is boring. And he definitely likes her (as does Murphy). I think he’s using some reverse psychology here. Laura tends to get angry – it’s an easy emotion to coax out of anyone, but it’s a very passionate emotion at the same time.

      And I think the weakness Laura is trying to cover up is how attracted to him she is. I think it goes back to what she told Bernice about imagining controlling him if she ever crosses that line. So the work/business walls stay up – to help her maintain that control.

      But he did seem to make a small chink in that wall because it looked for a moment like Laura was considering that offer to go away.

    • What great comments!

      I agree. Steele is trying to get her to open up to him. He’s probably trying this tactic because his efforts to gain her trust have failed so far. (We know why that doesn’t work.) I think he knows he must confront her workaholic tendencies if he ever hopes to get her alone in a non-work setting. I agree she feels her emotions for him are a weakness. That probably is why she freely expresses her anger toward him; anger is the only safe emotion she has left.

  5. Luann

    Oh, you are back, I am so happy! I stopped obsessively checking on a daily basis and had given up hope. So looking forward to reading more!
    There’s a moment in that hallway scene when Steele is pleading and almost desperate that I find touching. But he pushed her too far and off she ran, again.

    • Happy to “see” you, Luann! I wonder why Mr. Steele was so desperate, as you say, for Laura to go with him. Perhaps he recognizes that it’s not good for Laura to be so tied to her work? Is he concerned about her as well as looking to get a little something for himself?

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