Etched In Steele – 14

Picking up on Steele’s dramatic dissection of the crime …


Mr. Steele has just accused Charlotte Knight of killing her husband!

Brilliant deduction, Mr. Steele. Except …


Charlotte is prepared to come clean about her dirty little secret: “I didn’t write the books. Shoot me! But I didn’t kill my husband. Mitchell made me who I am; Mitchell made me Charlotte Knight. Without Mitchell, I was nothing. Besides, if I could have written the third book I could have written the first two, too. That makes sense, right?”


Laura seems inclined to agree.



Steele decides to backtrack.


Of course Charlotte’s denial makes sense. That’s why he quickly discounted her as a suspect!


Instead, he settled on the REAL culprit: “The man, in fact, who had negotiated the unprecedented film and paperback deals on the third book, an especially important negotiation, because he knew he would receive the lion’s share of the money, since he, in fact, authored the third book.”


“I am speaking, of course, of Dennis Baker!”



Only …


“Mitchell was one of my closest friends in all the world, which is why I didn’t negotiate the deal on the third book. If he wasn’t writing it, I didn’t want anything to do with it.”


“You didn’t negotiate the deal on the third book?”



Of course he didn’t! That’s why Mr. Steele ultimately identified the murderer as …


“Russell Forsythe!”


Forsythe is miffed. “This is not going to bode well for your next book deal, Steele.” But dogged Steele will not be intimidated!


“Knight was sick and tired of writing under his wife’s name,” Steele deduces. “He wanted to go public, expose the whole fraud to the world, write under his own name.”


“But you couldn’t allow him to do that because you knew Charlotte Knight was Forsyth House’s biggest success.”


“So you wrote the third book, then killed Mitchell Knight to keep the secret!”

Only ..


Forsythe points out that the day before he died, Mitchell signed Charlotte’s name to a brand new, three-book deal.  Apparently, Michell’s writer’s block had broken and he was raring to get back to the tape recorder.


So, Laura. What do YOU think?


I believe Miss Holt is praying this will all be over soon.


Our Mr. Steele seems to have developed a sudden bout of indigestion. I wonder why?


“Ummm … will you excuse me for a moment?”


Come along, Laura. Mr. Steele would like to have a word with you.

Well! This scene didn’t play nearly so well for Mr. Steele as it always does in the movies. It seems like Laura, knowing Steele was blowing smoke, could have interrupted early on and saved her figurehead some humiliation. Is she determined to put Mr. Steele in his place, remind him that he really doesn’t know what he’s doing? That SHE’S the professional here? Yet surely she’s shooting herself in the foot. How can it be a good thing to make the great Remington Steele look like a doofus?



















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8 responses to “Etched In Steele – 14

  1. eaz35173

    Love the sound effects on this post! And I loved the theatricality of Steele’s accusations and how he segued into the next person when he was proved wrong. I think that perhaps Laura didn’t jump in and save him because she might have been busy studying the players in the room and their respective reactions, trying to formulate her own ideas. Plus, she’s got a catch-22 going. If she interrupts Steele, she makes him seem less than he is (in the minds of the people) – but he’s doing a pretty good job of that himself at the moment. And if she doesn’t step in, she runs the same risk. He’s been pulling solutions out of the proverbial hat for the past few cases, so maybe she’s hoping he’ll do it again?

    Love the physical comedy of him pulling on her sleeve as they exit the room.

    Oh, and that screenshot you have a Charlotte – makes her look like Charles Knight in drag – yikes!!

  2. Ines

    Even if I’m not a big fan about saying this…. couldn’t it be Laura is as lost as Mr.Steele at this very moment?

    • eaz35173

      I do think that Laura is still trying to figure things out and is just as lost as Steele at the moment. I think that one of the reasons she is letting him go on is to buy her more time to come up with something brilliant.

      • Ines

        I suspect her cynical side is playing along as well, Elise. She doesn’t look too much embarrassed seeing him expose failed theories, one after another. She seems to be enjoying the moment, in a sort of way.

  3. Yes, Laura has been known to cut off her nose to spite her face. Now that she’s decided there’s no case (perhaps she NEEDS to believe that, to reassure herself she’s not really like Mitchell?), she’s determined that Steele must be wrong – even though he now agrees with her original supposition!

  4. The sound effects are so funny, great touch. Yes Steele’s dissertation has trapped him into a corner. In fact three corners to go along with his three suspects. Although Laura seems to be letting Steele hang himself, she knows he is good at getting out of tight spots. Also as his instructor she might want to show him the value of having evidence.

    I think she is trying to hide from the fact her professional life is just like Mitchell’s and Charlotte’ s. So if there is no case she doesn’t have to delve into the truth. There are times I wish she would be more introspective.

    And yes she certainly is enjoying Steele’s theatrics very much.

  5. Laura is acting so awful. I don’t understand why except as a mentor she is helping him by cutting the umbilical cord? Or perhaps she wanted to teach him that old detective principle: evidence first? I feel very sorry for him too.

  6. debilyn13

    I, too, enjoyed the sound effects. 🙂

    Having finally convinced herself there is no case, she’s very reluctant to say there is, yet she allows Steele to talk her into coming with him. Perhaps she’s still a little unsure. This may be a factor in why she allows him to basically use up his “acceptance” in this crowd.

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