Etched In Steele-15

A slightly ruffled Mr. Steele pulls Laura into “conference.”


“Who did it?” he demands.

Laura looks like the cat who ate the canary. Strange, since the reputation of her agency is on the line here. Is embarrassing Mr. Steele really worth that, Laura? In any case, she tells him she doesn’t know who did it.


“What?!” (Mr. Steele is not pleased.)


Oops. I thought this was supposed to be a confidential conference, Mr. Steele. The assembled guests look startled by his outcry.


“S’all right,” the detective assures them while Laura turns her back … to laugh? Oh, Laura. Steele tells his crowd of suspects he’ll be with them in a minute.

I suspect he’s contemplating Plan B:


What do you mean, you don’t know who did it? You always know who did it!”


Laura reminds him she TOLD him she didn’t think there was a case.


“You think I would have dragged us all the way up here, accused all these nice people of murder, made a blooming idiot out of myself, if I didn’t think that when everything went awry, you’d be there to jump in?”

You know what they say about assumptions, Mr. Steele.

Mr. Steele’s smile is looking a bit … forced here.



Laura is not intimidated by Steele’s clenched teeth.


Sucks to be you, Mr. Steele.


Oh, dear Mr. Steele seems to be on the edge of hysteria here. He makes his disappointment known:  “I don’t ask for much, Laura.”


Our hearts bleed for you, Mr. Steele.

Mr. Steele reluctantly returns to the party.


Ahem. “Ladies and gentlemen, my associate, Miss Holt, has, ah, pointed out to me that I would be doing myself and Forsyth House a huge disservice by divulging the ending to this case at this particular time.”


Sorry to disappoint them, Mr. Steele promises the exciting solution to this mystery will be included in his book! Meanwhile …


… Laura has remained behind (presumably to let Mr. Steele twist in the wind on his own). She hears something!


She follows the sound and finds Tony, who apparently wasn’t invited to the party. And he’s using a typewriter.  (Kids, a typewriter was what we geriatrics used to create documents before computers!)



By George, I think she’s got it!

Gotta admit I feel for Mr. Steele here. “His” dignity and reputation are as important to him as they are to Laura.  He’s also facing the discovery that his theories were wrong, and perhaps he isn’t as brilliant a detective as his silver screen heroes. Ah, well. Now that she’s onto the identity of the killer, I’m SURE Laura will apologize to Mr. Steele for letting him be humiliated … won’t she?



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6 responses to “Etched In Steele-15

  1. eaz35173

    You can see here how he knows that he goes out on a limb and how he expects Laura to be there to pick up the pieces and right the situation for him. Only this time, his game isn’t working. Brilliant idea, tho, to leave the audience with a cliff hanger and tell them to buy the book.

  2. Trudy

    Welcome back! I missed your funny and insightful posts! What are your thoughts on RS in this scene (and the whole incompetent detective theme) compared to The Man Who Would Be Steele in the pilot? It seems that the jewel thief in the pilot already displayed characteristics (insightfulness, keen observational powers, patience) that should make him a natural as a detective and are at odds with his behavior in this scene?

    • eaz35173

      Good question, Trudy. I agree that he is insightful, has keen observation skills, and tons of patience. However, just because he has those skills doesn’t translate into being a good detective in a matter of months. He was quick to ferret out Laura’s con because it took one to know one. And he was also quick to pick up on the Charlotte Knight con, as well, for the same reason. But deducing motive, opportunity, and method and then applying it correctly for this type of detective work is eluding him at the moment. I think he may have gotten a bit too cocky in how much he has been able to contribute on the most recent prior cases, and it’s getting the better of him right now. He is a natural – he knows people – but I think he still needs some more formal training by Laura to make it all come together and be really good at detecting.

      • That actually occurred to me, too: In the pilot, conman Steele was very cool, calculating and wily. Here he’s slightly buffoonish (I think Pierce was enjoying the high comedy perhaps a bit too much 😉 ). However, I agree with eaz35173 that he’s gotten a bit over-confident. Along with his technical skills, his success in con artistry depended a great deal on fast talking and bluffing his way – skills that don’t work as well when you are expected to product an actual, factual solution to a case.

  3. I agree. He can spot a con easily but producing evidence to back up his intuition is another matter. Maybe that is by Laura isn’t jumping in to help him; he needs to learn that and curb his flamboyant ways.

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