Etched In Steele – 17


And on to the tag!


Mr. Steele is in the office, doing what he does best: loafing. It must have been a slow news day in LA, as they give a six-column banner headline to the detective’s accomplishment. Also in the news today: Record 813,600 new claims for jobless benefits filed (yikes! seems like the collapse of the California economy would merit more ink); a drastic plan to un-jam airports (they’re getting rid of the planes, presumably); Senate votes to extend registration deadline; House plans program to fight crime (what need is there, with Mr. Steele in town?); and 24-hour notice demanded by oil workers (I think).

We hear the click of the door, and then Laura’s voice – low and a little breathless …

“She watched him … “


Mr. Steele lowers the paper a bit as Laura continues. ” … watched him even as he refused to look up and see her …”


Ah, there’s our girl! Decked out in a perky sweater vest and with a wicked gleam in her eye. “… for she was the one … [shuddering gasp] … who watched the watcher wound here.”


Mr. Steele offers his true opinion with his eyebrows. I think they’re saying, “Laura’s lost it.” His lips say, “You did that just a lick too well.” (I suspect there are many things Miss Holt would like to lick well.)


Miss Holt seems delighted by his observation.


“Could it be that, deep down inside, you were born to write hot and steamy novels?”

Laura responds that everyone should a little something to fall back on. Based on how brilliantly she’s invented the colorful Mr. Steele, I suspect she could indeed have a career in fiction.


Laura strolls over to Steele’s immaculately clean desk (does he even need that high-tech desk lamp?).

“What are you doing?” she inquires.

“Reading about us in the local paper.” (Wow! The story is even long enough to jump to an inside page!)

Nice of Mr. Steele to say “us.” Even though the public gives Steele the plaudits, he lets her know he recognizes it is a team effort. Note that he also includes himself in the victory – rather different from earlier, when he characterized himself as “a figurehead who contributes nothing but a winning personality and good looks.”

Laura, for her part, seems in an unusually good mood.

“Ask me what I’m doing,” she demands.


Steele’s willing to play along; he likes this banter. “What are you doing?”


She gives him a playful swat with the rolled-up magazine she’s brought with her, then gives him a grin: “Nothing.”


Mr. Steele is surprised and pleased by this turn of events!


“How do you like it?”


Hm. Laura doesn’t looks so sure … “It’s not as easy as it looks. I have this burning desire to balance my check book!”


Uh oh, Mr. Steele! She’s gonna cut and run!


But Mr. Steele will not allow her to backslide.


SuperSteele to the rescue!


“You have to fight it!” he counsels. “I find it helps to take a stroll at the height of the business day.”


“Irresponsibility is not a sickness. It’s an ART.”


And if anyone knows art, it’s Mr. Steele.


“Stick with me,” he urges. “I’m a master.”


Something tells me Laura is inclined to take his advice!

This is one of my favorite episode tags, as it shows so well the playfulness between these two when they aren’t at odds. I think Laura experienced a lot of growth in this episode, recognizing that life could be more rewarding – and fun! – than her rigid attitude has hitherto allowed. It was important for Mr. Steele, too, to acknowledge that he originally was hired to be a figurehead (and was happy in that role for a little while), but he is capable of more … and he WANTS that.












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9 responses to “Etched In Steele – 17

  1. eaz35173

    Love the superman cape – LOL!! One of the things I really like about Steele is that he really does try to give Laura the credit she deserves. He did it way back at Hunter’s car unveiling when he pointed to the “woman behind the man”. He realizes how brilliant she is and realizes that it’s because of her that he has a nice cushy apartment, some sort of steady income, and access to a tailor 😉

    I think your summary is right on target.

    I agree that both of them came to some realizations in this episode. And I loved their playful banter in this tag, too. I find the grabbing of his chin to be an intimate gesture. They haven’t kissed since episode 3 (and they had that intimate conversation about liking each other while steeling the nudes), so this gesture, to me, seems to be an invitation to continue playing, to continue exploring their relationship. I’ve brought this up on another board … even though Laura and Steele dance and kiss often in the series and walk arm in arm, they rarely use their hands to express their feelings. As a vidder, I can count on one hand the number of times they have held hands or used their hands to touch each other that didn’t involve kissing or dancing. This is one of those times, so it sticks out to me, and probably why I find the gesture an intimate one.

    Another wonderful episode analysis!!

  2. daphgg

    The cape for our superhero rescuing Laura from her demon checkbook. Love it.

    I love their banter too which to me was always one of my most favorite things about the show. Their playfulness is great and it shows Steele that Laura values what he thinks of her. I bet that blade him feel like a million bucks. I also like how they really enjoy each other’s company. Love this scene.

  3. daphgg

    Sorry my autocorrection is not working well. I typed in made him feel like a million bucks, not blade.

  4. The lack of hand-to-hand (or any other body part) contact is an interesting observation, Eaz. As you point out, dancing seems to have been their “thing,” the quick shorthand for romance/intimacy between them. Meanwhile, over on CBS, Lee and Amanda on Scarecrow & Mrs. King used hand-holding that way:
    Maybe there’s some industry rule that says you can only have one such “thing” per series … As an aside, when I was a teen, my friends and I always looked for the signal that soap opera characters were going to become a couple: “accidental” touching of hands. I can still hear us shouting at the TV: “Hand thing! Hand thing!”

    • eaz35173

      >>“Hand thing! Hand thing!”<< – LOL!! I do think that each TV couple has a "thing", and it's different for each. So to see something other than their "thing" can add to the romance and intimacy, in my opinion.

  5. LOL. “Hand thing”. You are right Steele and Laura didnt have any special thing. Although I noticed Steele liked to put his hands in Laura’s hair while kissing.

    • eaz35173

      I actually think dancing was their thing – while they used it for “cover” quite often, it was a way for them to be physical in public and romantic in private.

  6. Ines

    You even developed a SuperSteele! A major wardrobe effort for the first season, indeed. Well done!
    Although I’m not a big fan about this tag scene, I can see what all of you are pointing out. But I feel that the tenor of the episode allowed a more romantic tag scene, banter welcomed of course. A wasted opportunity.
    Great work through the whole process, Keri!

    • eaz35173

      I agree it could involve a bit more romance, but it’s only a few episodes since their “posing” kiss, and the past 2 episodes have involved them being jealous of each other’s love life. I think now that they have somewhat talked about it in each of those episodes, they are taking it a bit slower here – feeling each other out. But i would have been nice to have a tentative kiss. Perhaps some fanfic might be in order about what happened on their walk??

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