You’re Steele the One for Me – 1

On to our next exciting adventure! This one is largely set in the Asian community in Los Angeles, an interesting change of venue. We begin on a glittering note:


We seem to be in some sort of chapel or temple. We hear chanting in the background.

The camera pans down and right …


Oh, dear. We seem to have stumbled on a funeral.

funfacticonThe transcript of this episode identifies this as a Shinto funeral. However, according to Shinto Funeral Beliefs & Rituals, the deceased should be in an urn, not a coffin. Oh, well. Dead is dead.


A cloud of incense rises as the first guest credit appears. It is that prolific Asian actor, Keye Luke!

behindthescenesKeye Luke (1904-1991) had a long and remarkable career. Born in Guangzhou, China, in 1904, he started in Hollywood as an illustrator. His first role was in “The Painted Veil” in 1934, and more than 200 roles followed, including four guest shots on Stephanie Zimbalist’s dad’s series, “The FBI.” Among his best known roles:



Next we see a line of chanting mourners, and our next guest star. According to imdb, Marc has had a more modest career, the high point being “The Karate Kid II.”


Suddenly the back door opens, and a young man enters, trailed by Laura. Also, Sab Shimono!

Mr. Shimono has had an active career. This is the first of two guest appearances on “Remington Steele,” the other being 1986’s “Steele at Your Service.”

The young man (who may or may not be Sab), appeared distressed.


Laura places a comforting hand on his arm: “I’m so sorry,” she says.

“It doesn’t make any sense!” he responds. “It can’t make sense.”


We cut to a mourner striking a bell. I don’t think it’s Reid Shelton.


Nope. Reid was Daddy Warbucks on Broadway! (Side note: Seriously? That Annie wig?)


We cut to a couple of grim-looking businessmen in the pews. Keye and Red, methinks! (Do Shinto shrines have pews? Maybe this is a multi-denominational worship space.)


Now we pan to a pretty woman, with the young man in the background. Whoever the dead guy was, he apparently didn’t have many friends.


Keye Luke rises and approaches the burning censer. He bows, picks up a bit of incense (?), throws it into the censer, and …


… departs without a word.


Laura gives her companion the side eye as Keye makes his departure.


Next, Daddy Warbucks pays his respects. What a dour face, DW! You won’t attract any bewigged orphans that way!


And that wrinkled suit! Tsk.


The lady in blue takes her turn.

randomalertIt seems Shinto funeral rites are much like Catholic funerals, in that both involve incense and rosaries. However, at our funerals, the incense smell mixes with the unmistakable odor of hotdish (noodly casserole, for you non-Minnesotans). I wonder if Keye and Daddy Warbucks have gone downstairs for hotdish and brownies?


It looks like the lady in blue is a celebrity, as she puts on shades as she leaves the premises, sparing only the subtlest of glances at Laura’s young man.

Celebrities LOVE sunglasses.


Here’s Pierce Brosnan in Persol 0714. Want the look? You can get yourself a pair for $214 on Amazon.

I’ll stop here. Well, so far this episode seems a bit languid. Perhaps the absence of Mr. Steele’s lively personality. I wonder where he is? Assuming the kid Laura is with is a client, we see here that Mr. Steele apparently doesn’t involve himself in all the agency’s cases. No Murphy, either. Must be a routine investigation. I guess we’ll find out!


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6 responses to “You’re Steele the One for Me – 1

  1. eaz35173

    This opening raises a few questions and certainly keeps me curious, but it is a bit drawn out, especially with the sparse dialogue. And Sab’s acting needs some improvement, if you ask me.

  2. Ines

    I agree with the oriental cast selection needing improvements. Maybe they’ll achieve some goals through the episode. Or not…
    I’d address Mr. Steele’s absence in this scene, to the simple fact that there’s still no case. He will kindly offer his help once Laura’s incredible ability to crash into a crime will appear. To be at the right place at the wrong time is one of their motto. He will arrive, trust me.

    • eaz35173

      Ha, you’re right, Ines, about him inserting himself into a case once Laura finds one. Laura right now is doing leg work and we all know how he has an aversion to that – plus, he’s still on PR duty for the agency. >>KIndly offer his help.<< – lol

  3. Lol. Steele doesn’t ever leave Laura unattended for long. Wonder how he’ll interject himself into to this case…

    This opening scene is definitely a nothing-much-happening-here, but it does set the tone that this storyline is not business as usual. It makes me feel like I have completely left LA. Plus there are so many mysterious people.

    Love your bios of the actors. I like looking up each one on imdb and Wikipedia. Wow Charlie Chan’s son. I watched all those movies. It is great how Remington Steele brought in so many well known retired actors. It made the show even more fun.

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