You’re Steele the One for Me – 2


We left Laura and a young man observing the funeral of … somebody.


Laura still is concerned for the young man. “Mike … if there’s anything else I can do …”

Aha. His name is Mike. That’s a little surprising.

He tells her to wait and goes to the coffin.


Uh, oh. Looks like we have a funeral crasher! (Whoever could it be?)


Why, it’s an impeccably dressed Mr. Steele! He takes Laura’s hand in his. “Laura. What can I say? I came just as soon as I heard. Tell me. What it – someone very close to you?”


Laura looks … happy (?) … to see him. “What are you doing here?” she exclaims.


“A hand to hold, a shoulder to cry on, whatever I can give. You mustn’t try and block your feelings,” he declares.


Laura is NOT comforted by his presence. “They’re not my feelings,” she explains, snatching back her hand. (Side note: Reminds me of Eaz’s observation about hand touching in the tag to the previous episode.)


Oh, and by the way, Mr. Seele: “Aren’t you supposed to be at a Chamber of Commerce luncheon right now?”


Turns out, Mr. Steele doesn’t like Chamber of Commerce luncheons. “Man can only doodle on his napkin for so long, Laura. The speeches were beginning to bore me to death.”

Oops. Not the place for gallows humor, Mr. Steele.


“Oh. Sorry.”


“That’s all right,” she reassures him. Anyway, Mr. Steele called Bernice, who mentioned something about a funeral, and naturally he assumed …


“Oh, naturally,” she agrees. Although we can’t see their hands (Hey! Film editor! What’s the dealio?), it appears to me as though Laura pats Steele’s hand at this point. She doesn’t seem irritated any more. Could it be that she realized Mr. Steele is doing a nice thing here? That’s he’s genuinely concerned about her sorrow? Or maybe she’s just sat through too many Chamber of Commerce lunches herself.


Mike is at the coffin. He says … something. Presumably in Japanese.


Laura fills Mr. Steele in on the case. “His brother from Japan called to say he was at the airport. But when Mike went to pick him up, he was gone. I told him I thought the police would probably be his best bet, but he sounded so worried, I thought the least I could do was make a few calls.” Thanks for the exposition, Laura!

“And?” Steele prompts.

“And I found him,” she says, nodding toward the coffin.


“Hit by a car. According to the report, he didn’t wait for the light and tried to run across traffic on Temple Street,” Laura expounds.


“And jaywalking claims another grim prize, eh?”

I’m going to assume Mr. Steele is referring to a local super-villain.



Laura tells Steele that’s all there is to it.


Then Mike returns. He is agitated. “I want to know who murdered my brother!” He dashes off.


Laura follows, giving Steele a chance to check out her caboose.


“But then again, on the other hand, one mustn’t jump to conclusions.”


Mike runs from the temple. That guy sitting at the bottom of the steps looks vaguely familiar …


Laura races after him! Steele races after her! And the sitting man gets up. Hey, it’s Fred the chauffeur. Long time no see, Fred!


The detectives come upon Mike fondling the top of the limo.  “Mike, what are you talking about?” Laura asks.


Mike launches into a protracted soliloquoy: “Maybe you don’t have a brother who sent you money ever since you were ten! Who set you up in business! Who would drop his job and come running from Japan whenever you called!”

Actually, Laura may indeed have a brother. Remember when Abigail mentioned that Laura is her middle child?

snarkwarning Remington Steele’s guest casting could be pretty uneven. On the one hand, they cast gifted actors like Keye Luke. On the other hand, they cast … this guy. Sorry, Marc.


Laura tries to assuage him. “I know this must be very difficult-“


“He didn’t even tell me he was planning a trip! And then he disappears at the airport. And then he’s dead!” Yada yada yada.

Laura points out that there’s absolutely nothing to suggest he was murdered. That doesn’t sit well with Mike.


“Look! You don’t want to take the case? I’ll find somebody to do it! Or I’ll do it myself!” He starts to stalk off …


… but Steele collars him. “Now just hold on, lad. You’ve just had a terrible shock. You’re hurt, outraged, desperately trying to find a way to fight back. Am I right?” (Sounds like Mr. Steele knows whereof he speaks!)


“Who are you?” Oh, Mike. Now you’ve miffed the famous Mr. Steele.


“Go on, Miss Holt, tell him who I am.”

Laura introduces him as Remington Steele himself!

Mike is not impressed. “So?”


“So, I’m personally going to review all the facts myself. But I won’t get very far with you crashing about now, will I?”

Mike says he just wants to find out what happened to his brother.


“So you shall, so you shall,” Steele assures him. “What say we all go some place quiet where you can give your grief a run for it’s money, eh?”  Um, what does that even mean? In the background, Fred is getting bored with all this talk talk talk. (I kinda know the feeling, Fred.)

But Mike would rather be alone right now. Laura tells him to call if he needs anything. As he walks off, Laura’s expression becomes a little grim.


“Well, you did it to me again, didn’t you?”


Mr. Steele seems genuinely surprised. “I did?”

Okay, after an exposition-heavy few minutes, let’s hope the pace picks up a bit. I did enjoy Mr. Steele taking charge. I think he feels a connection with this distressed young man – and a chance to make things better. As he was with nebbishy Sheldon a few cases ago, Mr. Steele likes to be the hero for little guys in trouble. I think under those expensive suits, Mr. Steele, you have a rather soft heart.






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6 responses to “You’re Steele the One for Me – 2

  1. eaz35173

    Great analysis! I like that Steele drops everything and comes when he thinks Laura needs some emotional support. I do think that it might have been a way to ditch the meeting, but I also think he wants to be more to her than a figurehead and this might be a way to show that. I also think that Laura is genuinely touched that he thought she was the one in need, even if she is a bit annoyed that he barged in.

    Here’s the thing that I wonder every time I watch this episode. How the heck does Mike know Laura? It seems to me that they have a prior knowledge of each other, a relationship of some sort. How else would he know to call her? And she refers to him as Mike, not Mr. Ito, like she would for a formal client. And because Mike didn’t know who Mr. Steele was, I get the feeling he called in a favor from Laura, not the Remington Steele Detective Agency. We’ll learn later in the episode that Laura likes Sushi. Perhaps she knows him from a restaurant she frequents?

  2. daphgg

    Steele is so sweet to rush to Laura when he thought she needed a friend. Yes he wanted to ditch the meeting but he really wanted to be there for her. I’m thinking Steele wants a real relationship with her. I could barely believe when she rejected him while he is holding her hand and offering genuine support. Why is she so suspicious of him?

    Steele is so good at de-escalating bad situations and he does it with empathy. Steele waters run deep.

    • I think Laura has to consciously keep her defenses up around Mr. Steele, which sometimes makes her appear rather cold. We don’t know much about her history at this point, apart from a conflicted relationship with her mother. However, based on things she’s said (especially her confession to Steele in the car in “Signed, Steeled and Delivered,” I think we can surmise that Laura’s heart has been hurt in the past. Add to this the fact that she KNOWS Steele is a conman and a ladies’ man, and I suspect Laura feels very wary of and even suspicious of his actions – especially since she’s so strongly attracted to him. She fears if she let him in, he could take control.

  3. Luann

    I always assumed that Laura was a regular at his restaurant. I have a lot of mixed feelings about this episode -so many stereotypes ( even just in the first few minutes!) and yes, Mike’s acting is pretty bad. But I absolutely love Laura’s dress in this scene!

    • eaz35173

      That makes sense about Laura being a regular at his restaurant. Since Steele doesn’t eat sushi, it would explain why Mike had never met the Great Detective.

    • Sadly, Remington Steele is not known for its cultural sensitivity. I think that was pretty much across the board for 80s-era TV shows.

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