You’re Steele the One for Me – 3

Laura and Steele are back at the office, and somebody must have cut Laura off in traffic, because she is in a FOUL mood.


“You come barging in, with no facts …”


“… no idea of what’s going on …”


” …and then you have the nerve to just take over!”

Oh-ho. I think we may have found the reason for Laura’s tirade: Mr. Steele acting like he was in charge when he promised Mike to look into his case. You forget your place, Mr. Steele. And Laura has no time for it!

But Steele is like a dog with a bone.


He pursues her into her office, offering an explanation: “Laura, the man was distraught!”

Oh, Laura knows distraught, Mr. Steele. She can HANDLE distraught. Hm. I wonder what she can’t handle?

Close, Jack, but no cigar.


Turns out, Laura can handle almost anything:

“I once had to convince a drug crazed killer that I was the Virgin of Guadalupe over the phone!”

Mr. Steele seems to find this amusing.

randomalertguadelupe Here is the Virgin of Guadelupe. Yeah, I can see the resemblance.



Laura knows ALL about distraught.

At that moment, Bernice appears. Long time no see, Bernice!


Bernice looks a little concerned at seeing Laura so obviously … distraught. Meanwhile, Steele wants to know more about Laura’s er, virginity. “He wanted to speak to the Virgin of Guadalupe?”

Now is not the time, Mr. Steele. Laura needs to explain the WORST thing he did.


“You left poor Mike thinking we’re really going to dig into this thing now.” She stomps off to the file cabinet, conveniently located in the lobby. I’m sure there’s nothing confidential in there.

Mr. Steele reminds her he just said they’d go over the facts.


You know, like the cat on the roof.

behindthescenesCat_roof Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. MGM, Elizabeth Taylor, Paul Newman, 1958. Paul resists Elizabeth’s affections Way Down South.


Steele expounds on his feline metaphor: “There were these two brothers, one of whom had a cat he dearly loved. Well, one day he decides to go away on holiday and leaves the cat with his brother. A few days later, the brother phones up check on the cat. His name was John, but that doesn’t really matter.”


Hey, look! It’s Murphy Michaels. Long time no see, Murph.

Steele continues: “He said, anyway, ‘Look, John, I was outside polishing my car the other day-” Yada yada, the cat’s name was Sidney, it was up on the roof.” I think you skipped part of the story, Steele.


Murph butts in. He wants to know if he’s interrupting.

“As a matter of fact, you are,” says Steele. Murphy doesn’t care.


Murphy hands over the report on Mike’s brother’s accident. It’s very C & D. Steele deduces that means “Complicated and Delicate?” Nice try.


“Cut-and-dried,” Laura corrects him, snatching the report away from Steele. You’re really wound up, Laura. Perhaps a stroll around the block might help relax you!




Murphy, smelling Steele’s blood in the water, goes in for the bite: “Don’t you have a Chamber of Commerce luncheon or something to go to?”


“He ran out of doodles.” Droll, Laura. Very droll.

funfacticonI suspect Mr. Steele’s doodles were quite good, given that Pierce Brosnan is a gifted artist. Here’s his gallery:

Laura heads back toward her office. But Steele has had ENOUGH.


He pursues her …


… and grabs her before she can reach her office.


Grabs her quite hard, actually, and drags her into his office. I don’t really approve of the manhandling, Mr. Steele. Rather at odds with your genteel image, isn’t it?

Mr. Steele seems to have worked himself to a dudgeon as high as Laura’s by this point.


Laura’s not intimidated by his he-man act.


Steele’s not intimidated by her not being intimidated. “Before we sling anymore mud at the wall, my dear, you might recall that I didn’t invent Remington Steele as your superior. You did.”

Hm. It appears Mr. Steele is on to the reason for Laura’s tantrum. And by the way, HE doesn’t appreciate being treated like a … doodler.


Laura points out that when she invented Mr. Steele, she didn’t anticipate that he would walk and talk. And look – they’re walking and talking in tandem here.

BeardedSMiley Per Wikipedia, “Mirroring is the behaviour in which one person subconsciously imitates the gesture, speech pattern, or attitude of another. Mirroring often occurs in social situations, particularly in the company of close friends or family. The concept often affects other individual’s notions about the individual that is exhibiting mirroring behaviors, which can lead to the individual building rapport with others..”

I’m not sure they are building rapport here.


Steele closes off Laura’s escape route. He’s got a few things to say! “”What exactly makes you think that being the flashy front man is exactly the cat’s meow?”

Cats again!

funfacticonkeelyscatsPierce and Keely Brosnan have fancy-schmancy cats.


“Bouncing around the rubber chicken circuit,” Steele complains. “Glad-handing a lot of old windbags in order to keep this agency’s name in circulation.”

“Somebody’s got to do it,” Laura snarks.


Mr. Steele is wearing his mad face. And with good reason! “Not to mention being shot at from time to time, or bashed about by people because they think I know something that you have conveniently forgotten to tell me!” Oh, yeah. There is that.


“You function best in a purely advisory capacity,” Laura retorts.

Sigh. That old line, Laura?


Steele doesn’t appreciate being treated like an invalid, not a detective!


“Because you’re NOT a detective!”


“Then teach me!”


Laura’s taken aback. “You’re not serious.”


Does this look like the face of a whimsical man? (I’m going to go with no here.)


“But-“ says Laura.

“”But? But? But, but, but- But *what*?” Steele counters. He wants to know why she won’t share her invaluable training.


“Your years of experience! The trained eye of the professional seasoned in the field!”


Hm. Laura doesn’t know how to react to this. Mr. Steele is admitting that she is capable, experienced, a real professional – and he wants to learn from her. Kinda hard to keep haranguing him after that, isn’t it Laura?


Well, she never thought –

“Well, I do,” Steele mutters.

Feeling conciliatory, Laura says that when their next case comes in, they’ll discuss it further.

No need to wait, Steele reminds her!


“The accident-hyphen-murder of Kenji Ito.”


Uh, oh. Laura’s losing patience again. “Kenji Ito was NOT murdered!”

Steele points out that makes it perfect: “A routine investigation done simply to ease the doubts of a grief stricken man. What could possibly go wrong?”

Famous last words, Mr. Steele. And Laura knows it.


She’d like to think about it for a while.


“Afraid I might learn the ropes and climb up by myself?”

Challenging Laura? You sly dog, Steele.

She takes the bait:


“Get out your notebook.”

After the low-key episode opening, passions are suddenly running high in this scene. We see Laura becoming increasingly agitated by her “creation’s” stubborn independence, and finding it’s harder than she expected to share the glory. Meanwhile, Mr. Steele is increasingly resentful of being treated like a pretty-boy lackey. He may have signed on to be a figurehead … but he’s seen how the game is played, now – and he wants in.



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7 responses to “You’re Steele the One for Me – 3

  1. eaz35173

    I actually really like this scene. I don’t think we’ve seen them this angry at each other since Tempered at the hotel. Except this time they are angry about the same issue – his involvement in the cases (In Tempered, he was upset she closed off his credit and ruined a case over the ensuing argument). I like the anger. I like that Steele isn’t going to let Laura just walk away and hide in her office. I’m not fond of manhandling, but it works for me in this instance. I never once felt that Laura was in danger from him grabbing her. I felt he needed to do something drastic to literally “grab” her attention.

    From a purely cinematic perspective, I loved the choreography of the blocking for this section. Even when the camera switches angles from the reception area to Steele’s office, it looks like it was all done in one take (which it wasn’t). And then with the stomping around the office, shutting doors, confrontation at Steele’s desk – it all has a flow to it, like a dance. But I digress from the substance of the scene …

    Steele is absolutely right to call Laura out on her idea of how Remington Steele should function now that he’s been made flesh and blood. Her keeping Steele in the dark about cases has caused him physical harm that she seems to have forgotten, or not cared enough to think about. And she WAS the one that created a superior, so he needed to act in that capacity toward Mike. Her creation is running away with her again – and, as we know, Laura does not like it when she is not in control.

    Brilliant move on Steele’s part to ask her to teach him. And another brilliant move on his part to challenge her competence in teaching him and his potential ability to be better at it than she is. He certainly knows what buttons to push. We’ve seen from the Mitchell Knight case that Steele is already taking notes on how Laura operates as a detective. Now he is officially asking for her tutelage. And Laura has to have seen that he has contributed even a small amount to the cases he’s been around for already. I think the writers did a great job with this scene and I always enjoy watching it.

    And speaking of fights … I did a vid with some highlights of the better ones …

    • I love this, Eaz! They certainly did have a passionate relationship. I think that’s one of the things Laura found attractive in Steele: he’d face her toe-to-toe and challenge her (unlike poor Murph, who just followed orders).

    • debilyn13

      This is cool! They really did have a lot of passion in their relationship. They were never just a “comfortable couple.” They had fun, frustration and caring to the nth degree.

  2. Luann

    I love this scene. Not just the crackling tension from their fighting (so nicely captured in Eaz’s vid!) but for what it says about RS. He’s enjoyed being the flashy front man, but he’s smart and used to working and wants to do something meaningful with his time. “Then teach me!” means he wants to be able to do what Laura does. Getting to spend more time with her is of course a side benefit…

    • eaz35173

      Great insight, Luann!. Yes, he enjoys a challenge. He’s already mastered pulling off the public face of RS, but he’s looking for more while still working on the challenge that is Laura.

  3. Love the video Eaz.

    Laura is reacting badly to her creation being flesh and blood. Did she really think Steele would stand there and say nothing while Mike was having a grief fit? Yes she did. I think she wanted to respond to Mike herself. If she wasn’t so angry she would realize what a big heart Steele has for those in trouble and he takes his job seriously.

    I don’t think Laura expected her con man to have a charitable heart, conscious or ambition. She thinks because she is providing Steele a great lifestyle that he should be satisfied. Well Steele unlike the typical con man doesn’t like being a kept man. I admire him for that. If Laura wasn’t so committed to controlling everything she would have seen Steele’s mentorship request coming.

    I understand Laura’s control issue. When you are a business owner you know you are always one step from disaster. She has to control everything to stay in business.

    I had never noticed before that Steele caught Laura in a lie. She tells him theres nothing to the case but she already had Murphy look into it.

    I love this scene too. They fight with such passion and intimacy. They fight like an old married couple.

    • eaz35173

      Oh, I hadn’t caught that whole lie thing either until you mentioned it, daph! Another reason to love these discussions!!

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