You’re Steele the One for Me – 5

This is a short scene …

We last left our detective and detective-in-training at a rundown apartment in Little Tokyo, where Laura had pinned Santa Claus as the most likely suspect, and Steele had discovered that their quarry, taxi driver Hamata, was a dead end.




Laura and Steele follow a highly focused lab attendant into the morgue.

Miss Holt is slightly miffed at how well her student is learning his lessons.

“You really enjoyed that didn’t you?”  she sniffs.

“On my word as a gentleman Laura, I never asked that little man to tell me where Hamata was,” Steele protests.

behindthescenesThe L.A. County Morgue is at 1104 N. Mission Rd. conveniently located on the campus of UCLA Hospital. In 2010, the lab performed 6,500 autopsies, and the morgue averages 300 corpses on ice in any given week. Here’s what the place looks like.


Kinda nice. I could be comfortably dead here.


Laura is still fuming. “Watching me beat myself cross-eyed against the language barrier.”


Mr. Steele tries to soothe those ruffled feathers.

“On the contrary, I thought you handled the situation brilliantly. After all we got who we were after and I learned something in the bargain.”

“Really? What was that?”

“You’re an absolute pip at charades.”

Oh, Mr. Steele.


I don’t think that’s helping.


Nope. Laura’s feathers are NOT soothed. Meanwhile, Mr. Steele seems to have developed an interest in the lab attendant … and whatever he’s doing with his hand in his pocket.

Finally the kid discovers the right drawer.


“What happened to him?” Laura demands.

But the kid is engrossed in his music.

What do you think he’s listening to?


Laura yanks his chain earphone wire.

“What exactly did Mr. Hamata-“ she demands

Kid hastily consults his chart: “Broken neck. Accidental. Refrigerator door caught him at a bad angle.”

 funfacticon I was unable to find good statistics on refrigerator-related deaths. I did learn that entrepreneurs in the Sudan rent out refrigerators for people to sit in to escape the heat, with the unfortunate result that a number of customers have frozen to death.


Steele presses for details, but the kid says he’ll have to talk to the coroner.


Laura mentions Kenji Ito’s recent death. She wants to know who claimed the corpse.

Creepy kid seems a little turned on by this.


“Two stiffs in two days. You guys are really into this stuff, huh?”


“Just a hobby,” Steele clarifies.

Creepy Kid has disappointing news.


He knows no Ito. “Musta gone out on the night shift. Dickerson’s the man you want on that.”

Not to worry, Laura.

I’ve got your Itos right here.


Laura is apparently looking for a less lively Ito. She asks Creepy Kid to have the night guy call her when he comes in. Eager to be of some service, Creepy Kid wonders if he can offer the detectives something else.


“Uh, you know, I got a lady mud wrestler you could have a look at. Fresh.”

Laura’s not interested. Perhaps he can show her something from the gift shop?

funfacticon The LA Coroner’s Office operates a gift shop, Skeletons In Your Closet, out of the morgue. Happy news: They deliver.


I recommend the Deaddy Bears. Just in time for Valentine’s Day!


After the Creepy Kid leaves, Laura frets.

“First Kenji Ito, and then the driver that supposedly hit him.”

“Hardly C&D,” Steele points out, snarkily helpfully.


“More like E&F.”
“E and F?”
“Enigmatic and Frightening.”

Pretty sure you just made that up, Laura.  But anyway …



It appears that Laura is coming around to Mr Steele’s contention that this case may be worth investigating. Kind of a reverse of last episode, when he finally convinced her there was nothing to it – only to have him change *his* mind. That said, I don’t think Mr. Steele is seeing this case as much more than an amusing diversion at this point; he’s enjoying being with Laura and being able to tweak her pride.



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4 responses to “You’re Steele the One for Me – 5

  1. eaz35173

    Your comments and accompanying videos, music, and polls are cracking me up!

    Those charade skills are going to come in handy for a case in the future, I predict 😉 Yeah, that morgue guy is kinda creepy – not like the guy in Tempered. He looks like he could Rhymin’ Lymon’s (from Steele on the Air) brother. I agree, that Steele is steele along for the ride here, just to be able to spend some time with Laura … and push her buttons.

  2. Luann

    OMG the gift shop merchandise- you are really going the extra mile in your research and I for one am extremely grateful.

    • I live to serve. Frankly, I think the corpse bears (okay, technically they’re forensic scientist bears) are at least as tasteful as the “romantic” 50 Shades of Gray teddy bears (complete with handcuffs!) that I’ve seen being pushed this year. :-p

  3. You out did yourself with this one. The comments and research are hilarious. Can’t stop giggling.

    I love Steele’s pip crack to Laura. He really knows how to get under her skin. He probably getting back at her for treating him so dismissively while talking to the neighbors. In her quest to avoid becoming a victim, she forgets sometimes that con men have skills that can be used positively and he reminds her.

    The morgue is creepy.

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