Steele Away With Me – 11

Mom, Dad and little Murphy were headed off to see their client …


… but apparently stopped off to watch another kung fu movie?


Wait! That’s no movie – it’s client Mike Ito engaged in a heated battled with a couple of thugs while his employees (who apparently attended the same acting school as Mike) look on in terror indifference.


Mike gets the upper hand and scampers over a booth to freedom. I can’t help thinking, given the fact that there seem to be no customers in his restaurant, that Mike might have done better to have offered the bad guys a plate of sushi at a discount.


Oh, dear. Just when we thought Mike was safe, he’s nabbed by two more be-suited baddies outside!


As his assailants rough him up, a few random pedestrians pass by without paying much attention. Nice plaid shirt, dude.


Just then the trio of detectives appears. Mr. Steele is trying to explain his “cat on the roof” metaphor to Murphy. Look! There’s a lady wearing a hat that matches her outfit. And another lady wearing plaid blouse.


Murphy spots Mike getting the sh** kicked out of him and the detectives spring into action!


The bad guys are muscling Mike down the street …


… and into a waiting car. Look! More people who don’t care that some kid is being kidnapped before their eyes. What a cold world we live in.


The baddies see the detectives closing on them and hit the gas.


The detectives screech to a halt, just too late!


The baddies disappear in a cloud of exhaust. Look, another guy in plaid, with the classic 80s addition of a sweater tied around his waist.


“What just happened?” Murphy demands, obtusely.

“I think he’s been abducted,” Steele replies, rather unnecessarily.

“Who?” Murphy asks, inexplicably.

“Our client!” Laura declares, understandably peevishly.


It seems like in every television series, each season has one episode that seems hastily and indifferently thrown together. I suspect this may be that episode. What is there to say about this scene? 1. Murphy’s plaid shirt is apparently the height of fashion. 2. Laura doesn’t invite Murphy out for sushi (or share the details of cases, like who their client is). 3. Laura can run almost as fast in heels as Steele and Murphy can in flats. 4. Minimum wage sushi slingers don’t give a damn if their boss gets jumped by thugs.

Anyone have anything to add?





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3 responses to “Steele Away With Me – 11

  1. eaz35173

    LOL – Your commentary makes this episode so much more enjoyable!! Murphy must have been the fashion trend setter for Little Asia with all that plaid – or- he was getting his fashion trends from them. I honestly don’t know how Stephanie could run so well in those heels – I’d be flat on my face.

  2. Luann

    If only the writers of this episode could have put as much thought and care into it as you did in your setup of the plaid shirt joke. Thank you for finding the gold in this very sub-par episode!

  3. I agree. You are this episode’s gem. I wonder why so much plaid. Plaid wasn’t even the style in the 80s.

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