You’re Steele the One for Me – 13


behindthescenesWe left the scene on a fade-out …


And begin the next segment in Laura’s car …


… in front of one of the least-convincing background screens I’ve ever seen.




Mr. Steele notes that Laura is worried about the case. How does he know this?

“When you’re worried, you get this little crinkle in your forehead. Right here.”


Laura seems vaguely unsettled by this. Perhaps because it suggests Mr. Steele is more observant than she has given him credit for?


That’s right, Laura. He’s watching you. All.The.Time.


“You scowl,” she retaliates.


“Scowl and Crinkle. Makes us sound like a London law firm, doesn’t it?”

That single line ALMOST makes this episode worth it.

Laura says she’s heard there are some good law firms in London. Is she wondering how familiar Mr. Steele is with the legal system in the UK? I suspect she is.

Mr. Steele, who seems to be navigating, agrees that the legal minds in London are unmatched. He also tells her to take the next right.


Laura, whose little Rabbit is looking a bit boxier and dated than I remembered, does so.


So it appears 311 1/2 First Street …


… is an alley.


This is the closest thing I can find to an alley near 311 1st St. in Los Angeles in 2015.


As they proceed down the alley, the detectives’ way is blocked by a spectacularly badly located hot dog stand. If that guy sells one hot dog a week from that dirty, isolated alley, I’d be astonished. Rework your business plan, man!


Laura tries to get the unseen proprietor to remove his business from the roadway. No dice.


She starts to back up, only to discover the hot dog vendor’s only customer seems to have chosen this very moment to get his fix. What rotten luck! Fortunately, hot dog man backs his cart out of the way.


But his place is taken by another car. What sort of junk food is this guy selling?


Hm. This alley has suddenly gotten very popular.


Why, hello, notLois!

He snarls something in Japanese. I’m pretty sure it translates as, “You come to Little Tokyo for a hot dog? What kind of crazy are you?”


NotLois hands over a pair of blindfolds. Uh, oh.


Looks like things are about to get kinky.


Laura wonders if her crinkle is showing.

Here’s an interesting little interaction between Steele and Laura. Steele shows that he knows her very well – even intimately, in one sense of the word, in that he is very aware of her personal habits and unconscious mannerisms. We see that Laura is surprised, but perhaps secretly pleased, by his knowing her so well. She certainly knows now that she is the object of his rapt interest. We see here an instance of Mr. Steele dropping what seems to be a little clue about his past (the reference to London law firms), but smoothly deflecting Laura’s attempts to learn more. And once again, Mr. Michaels is no where in evidence. Something tells me all those messages may be from commercial realtors in Colorado ...

spoileralert emoticon





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6 responses to “You’re Steele the One for Me – 13

  1. eaz35173

    Too, too funny!! Your commentary is always so very entertaining!! Yes, Steele reveals that he has been studying Laura and her moods. Laura seems to also have noticed something about him as well with her scowl remark. That law firm line always cracks me up.

    And, yes, such a terrible green screen driving shot in the car! 50 Shades of Steele – lol!! You know the main character in that is named Anastasia Steele, right? I hope I never see that name in an RS fanfic for the name of their daughter!!!

    I never realized how much the Rabbit’s license plate looks like my actual name!

  2. daphgg

    You are hilarious! Your comments have me rolling.

    At least this scene has some interaction that is genuine and real compared to previous ones.

    I agree that Laura is shocked and upset that Steele is paying attention to her without her knowledge. His comment was very intimate and insightful while her comment to him was bland and obvious. She’s uncomfortable because she either didn’t know how to respond or she hasn’t been watching him as closely as he has her. Laura seems so convinced that all he wants is sex and all she wants is a life with him that she is not paying attention to the clues that he really cares for her. She makes you want to holler at the tv. Both SZ and PB are such great actors. I miss seeing SZ on film.

    Anyway I still don’t get how the title relates to the plot. It feels like they just stuck the title words randomly in the dialogue.

    • eaz35173

      Daph, I always enjoy reading your insights into the psychology of their relationship. Do you have a background in psychology or social work? If not, you’d probably be great at it.

      • Thank you. Yes I do in psychology. That was what I loved about R S show. It had everything: romance, adventure, intellect, fashion, humor, mystery, psychology, fun; did I leave out anything? Plus SZ and PB pulled all this off with elegance, style, sophistication and perfection. Very rare.

      • eaz35173

        Very rare, indeed!

  3. steeleinterested

    I love that line about London law firms. Overall, not a huge fan of this episode, though. On Mar 5, 2015 4:27 PM, “Steele Away With Me” wrote:

    > kgmohror posted: ” We left the scene on a fade-out … And begin the > next segment in Laura’s car … … in front of one of the least-convincing > background screens I’ve ever seen. Seriously? Mr. Steele notes that Laura > is worried about “

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