In the Steele of the Night – 1

And on we go to our next episode!


Our episode opens on a close up of a battered bureau, with a silver tray on top.


As a gloved hand pulls open the bureau drawer, and we see the title of the episode.

behindthescenes“In the Still of the Night” may refer to an American jazz Standard composed by Cole Porter. It was introduced by Nelson Eddy in 1937’s “Rosalie.” It could also reference a song of the same title recorded by the Five Satins in 1956. A film titled “Still of the Night,” starring Roy Scheider and Meryl Streep, was released by MGM in 1982. Does the title relate to any of these? Perhaps we’ll find out!

But wait! There’s something wrong here. Who keeps paperclips in the same drawer as their gun? Suspicious.

The Gloved One …


Nope, not THAT Gloved One.

THIS Gloved One withdraws the firearm from the drawer.


Then he opens the little wooden box to reveal it’s full of bullets. Hm. I would have expected rubber bands.


The camera pulls back to reveal that the Gloved One is wearing a cozy sort of sweater. My God! I know who the murderer is!


“It’s a wonderful day in the neighborhood … TO BE DEAD! BWAHAHAHAHA!”


Our first guest star is revealed.


behindthescenesCarlene Watkins seems to have specialized in sitcoms, appearing in “Best of the West,” “Taxi,” “Mary,” “The Tortellis,” “Dear John,” “Bob,” “Frazier” and “Home Improvement.” Several of these series were produced by her husband, Ed. Weinberger, but I’m sure that’s simply a coincidence.


Gun in hand, Mr. Rogers proceeds … somewhere.


And here’s our next guest star!


behindthescenesJeff Pomerantz has had a long career, dating from an appearance in “Combat!” In 1966 to an episode of “Modern Family” in 2013. He’s done a lot of soap work, including “One Life to Live,” “Santa Barbara,” “General Hospital,” “The Secret Storm” and “Search for Tomorrow.”


behindthescenesPhilip Charles MacKenzie is best known for a role on the first made-for-cable sitcom, Brothers. He also has extensive acting and directing credits up until 2006.


Mr. Rogers creeps into some room … Is it Arthur Rosenberg’s room?

behindthescenesArthur Rosenberg has had a long career as a “working actor,” guesting on many popular series since 1976. His most active period was the 1980s, and his most recent role was an episode of “JAG” in 2004.



Ah! Mr. Rogers has gone into a bedroom where there is an open suitcase waiting.


He tucks the gun under a men’s shirt. Hope he’s not planning on traveling very far. Pretty sure that won’t make it through airport security.


behindthescenesWriter Joel Steiger has had a long career in television writing and producing, specializing in mysteries. He’s written for Matlock, Diagnosis Murder, Perry Mason, Jake & the Fatman, and Father Dowling Mysteries, among his other credits. This is his only episode of Remington Steele.

 This is all very mysterious, isn’t it. Perhaps the greatest puzzle: who packs their socks like that?


The scene cuts to another drawer opening. Inside we see an envelope addressed to Remington Steele Investigations, in a flowing, feminine-looking hand. A clue! To what? Beats me!


It evolves that we are in the executive office of Remington Steele himself. Our hero turns over the envelope to reveal an invitation …


Oh, a reunion! EVERYONE loves those!


Looks like Mr. Steele does, anyway. If I didn’t know our boy, I’d think that was a vaguely calculating look. Nah.


It seems Mr. Steele is characteristically busy today. Can he make time in his schedule to attend this function?


He proceeds to the lobby, perhaps to offer Laura a ride to this special event. How strange! The place seems to be empty!

“Laura? Murphy? Miss Wolf?” he calls. “Anyone?”

Well! Based on this opening, I don’t know whether this will be a better episode than the last one (but I bet it is). However, we can say for sure that Mr. Steele is very well dressed. And that’s something, isn’t it?


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3 responses to “In the Steele of the Night – 1

  1. Luann

    I had that exact same box in jr. high school! It came from an import store and I used to keep my barrettes in it.

  2. eaz35173

    Those look like silver bullets in the box. Perhaps this person is going to kill a werewolf? And speaking of werewolves … Where’s Miss Wolf? (cheesy, but I couldn’t resist 😉 ) It is rather odd that they would leave Steele all alone in the office. And he is very well dressed!!

  3. Yeah Steele looks fine in his suit. I love this opening, it is so mysterious. Can’t believe they all deserted him at the office like that.

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