In the Steele of the Night – 6

Note: Sorry for the infrequency of posts this week. I’m dog-sitting away from home and don’t have my computer with me. D’oh! Anyway …


It’s morning at Alan’s palatial estate. Do you suppose the phallic evergreens are supposed to be some kind of metaphor? Or have I just gone too long without a date? But I digress.


Laura is asleep in a fairly ornate bed. Alone. Guess Steele had to find his own digs for the night.


Our detective’s blissful slumber is interrupted by a persistent whooshing sound. She tries to muffle it with a pillow. Or maybe she just needs something to hug. Mr. Steele would be happy to help you out with that, Laura.


Laura is wearing a pretty satin nightie, by the way. With lace! Not the sporty pajama set I would have expected from her.


Finally she gives up trying to sleep. Rising from her bed with perfect hair, she pauses to put on her robe.

randomalert People in movies/TV shows always have a conveniently located robe to slip into. Grace Kelly complained, while filming “Dial M for Murder” that no woman who heard an intruder in her home would stop to put on a robe before investigating. I’m inclined to concur.


Laura opens the door and takes a listen. Whoosh. Whoosh. Whoosh.

Whatever can it be?


She slowly makes her way into the hall to investigate, passing an image of her fabulous self in a mirror. This must be significant. But I don’t know why.


She rounds a corner and observes …


… something that causes her to look puzzled. In a beautiful, slightly tousled sort of way.


Oh, it’s just that fancy-schmancy elevator that OOD was so impressed by. Guess it’s stuck or something. I wonder why?


Laura lowers her gaze slightly …


Good heavens! She sees something that alarms her. In an eyebrows-perfectly-plucked sort of way.


Yikes! There’s an arm sticking out of the elevator door. In a perfectly manicured sort of way. Whose arm is it?


It’s Alan! And he seems to be dead! In a crunched-up-in-the-elevator sort of way.

Well! Finally a crime to solve. What happened to Alan? Why was Laura the only one disturbed by the whooshing elevator? And how does Miss Holt keep her complexion so nice when she wears make up to bed?



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3 responses to “In the Steele of the Night – 6

  1. eaz35173

    LOL – your commentary cracks me up! But seriously, Stephanie looks great here. I guess there was no sneaking into each other’s bedrooms during the evening … or was there??

    I also agree about the robe – but maybe that’s what people do who are guests in someone else’s home?

    Wonder what happened to Alan?

  2. daphgg

    Laura looks fabulous and her hair is great. I always wondered why she was the only one who responded immediately to the noise.

    I would definitely put on a robe before investigating a noise. The reason being is you never know when you may need to make a fast exit outside. Wearing gowns to bed was the style in the 80s. Plus Laura is still kinda conservative at this stage. Maybe she will develop a more innovative fashion sense with prolonged exposure to Mr. Steele you think?

    • eaz35173

      I always guessed that Laura’s room must have been the closest to the elevator and that’s why she responded first.

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