In the Steele of the Night – 8

We left Laura and Mr. Steele about to have a palaver about the current situation.


Mr. Steele professes to be disgruntled. “I HATE working on the weekends.” (As if you ever have, Mr. Steele!). “But if I must, I must.” He shakes out a silk handkerchief and pops it in his breast pocket.

Laura pulls it out again. “I didn’t ask you to come up here!” Then, inexplicably, she puts the handkerchief back. Trying to show who’s boss, Laura? Or do you just want an excuse to feel up his bod?


“They’re your friends,” Steele notes.

“Do me a favor and keep that in mind.”

Laura seems to imply he’s not worth of her friends. I’m pretty sure if I brought someone like Mr. Steele to my reunion, I wouldn’t feel embarrassed. In fact, I think I’d be all …


Neener neener.


Steele is (justifiably) wounded. “You’re absolutely convinced that I’m going to go out there and make a fool of you.”

“Every one of those people out there is a TRAINED investigator!”


So was this guy. What’s your point?
“Laura, I understand your squeamishness, but the fact remains that they’ve asked me to oversee this investigation, and oversee it I must,” Steele tut-tuts. “It’s only until nightfall. And I have to believe that TWO bright people like us can fool even the finest investigators for that amount of time.”


That wink, tho!


Laura eloquently expresses her opinion of his assessment.


“Of course we can,” Steele continues.  “Just one question.”

He’s got yet another handkerchief. The man must have a separate bag for his accessories.


“Where should I begin?”


“What?”  He’s asking for your advice, Laura. You’re the true brains of this outfit, remember? At least, you’re always telling him that.


“It’s a simple question. Where should I begin? A starting point. Something to get the ball moving. Something to kind of keep them busy, impress them with my keen mind.”


“Ohhhhhhh.” Something tells me Laura has doubts about his keen mind. Either that, or she is about to sing the song of her people.




“Start with the last person to see the victim alive,” Laura advises.

Steele urges her to expound.

“The basic rule of detection. The last person to see the victim alive is either a superb witness or an excellent suspect.”


“Ohh. I like that.” (And I like that little smile, Mr. Steele.)


“You do, huh?” Laura parries. Steele turns away, ready to begin his mission!


Oh, dear. I think Laura may be feeling a little stressed.


Take a deep yoga breath, Laura.

I love Steele’s confidence as well as his acknowledgement that he’ll need her help here. He is sure he can bluff the group into believing he’s Sherlock Holmes, yet doesn’t expect to be able to actually solve the case on his own. I think he’s also looking forward to the opportunity to partner with Laura in this. And Laura is slightly amused by his chutzpah, despite herself.


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2 responses to “In the Steele of the Night – 8

  1. eaz35173

    I think your summary is spot on! I love that little wink he gives her. And aren’t they just so “domestic” with Laura “helping” him with his pocket sqaures? I’m surprised he didn’t pick green one to match Laura’s sweater. And I love Laura’s frustration here – well played by Stephanie.

  2. daphgg

    Very well played by SZ and PB.

    Laura really cracks me up laughing. First of all it is her idea that Steele be the investigator, she set the whole scenario up. Then she realizes that he can’t detect and she has to help him. I am starting to think Laura invents (and we KNOW how good she is at inventing) opportunities for them to work together. Yes the hanky move was a very intimate gesture which was not missed by Steele. Although one could think she was sending him off to school like a mom does her child, this was more a you-and-me are in this together; she made it very personal not professional.

    Of course at the end of the scene, she is amazed with how much risk-taking she can endure. I think she is realizing how much she trusts and needs this con man.

    Steele is so confident. To him it is just another role.

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