In the Steele of the Night – 10

Back to Carl’s bedroom, where Murphy seems to have been directed to “assume the position.”


(Now bend over and cough?)

“No gun,” he declares.


Uh, oh. The room looks like it’s been trashed by a 70s rock band.


randomalertRock bands used to trash hotel rooms, you know.


“Must’ve stashed it somewhere else in the house,” Donald deduces.

Just when it looks like the mystery will never be solved, here comes their fearless leader. “The scene of the crime!” Steele pronounces.

(Huh? I thought the elevator was the scene of the crime, Mr. Steele.)
Steele explains. “I have no need to tell you people that the scene of the crime is often the best single source of conclusive evidence.”

If nothing else, Mr. Steele has an excellent memory for lines. Maybe he should become an actor.

“Boy, he IS good!” Sandy whispers to Murphy. Not sure Mr. Michaels agrees.

“You mean the elevator?” Aha! Carl remembers where the murder took place. There’s those killer instincts again


“Precisely.” Not to mention indubitably, unequivocally, and incontrovertibly.


Everybody’s ready to check it out. Steele knows where this headed, and heads them off with a brisk whistle.



“We’ll ALL check it, hmm?”


A moment later …


Gee, it gets a bit crowded when the whole gang crams into an elevator. And for their next trick:



Each master detective pursues the investigation in his or her unique way.


Which is to say, they all look around randomly. Carl is getting uncomfortably up close and personal with Laura, while Murphy seems to have formed an inappropriate relationship with one wall of the car. Don wants to know what he’s up to.
“Dusting for prints,” the well-equipped Mr. Michales responds.

Oh, dear. Now you’ve set Carl off again. “He’s dusting for prints? Why is HE dusting for prints?”
“‘Cause it’s MY dusting kit,” Murphy explains.

Honestly, the sexual tension between these two  is palpable, isn’t it?

Murphy isn’t about to share his toys, by the way. So:

“No arguing with that,” Steele says, because it would be a stupid thing to argue about.


Petulant Carl has had enough. He leaves the little huddle in the elevator.
“Mr. Steele? Got a minute?” he inquires.


Apparently he does.
Meanwhile, back at the ranch in the elevator, where Donald’s pose suggests the collective body odor may be growing intolerable, OOD declares, “This is ridiculous.”


He suggests to Laura that they get some coffee. (Yet another man trying to get close to Miss Holt?)

This leaves only Murph and Sandy in the elevator. Miss Thing checks out Murphy’s material assets,


leans over and presses the door close button.


“Hey!” Murphy finally notices. “Sandy, I need the light.”

Oh-ho! What’s this? Looks like Sandy would like to have some quality time with Mr. Michaels in the elevator. She wants a ride. Up and down.
“Murphy, listen,” she insists. “Forget about the dusting for a minute. I need your help.”
“What are you talking about?” See, here’s the thing. Murph just doesn’t have those killer instincts.

Sandy presses … her case. “I didn’t kill Alan. But I just know that any time now, somebody’s going to find something that makes it look like I did.”


Murphy is perplexed stunned indifferent. Good heavens, Murphy. What large hands you have. No wonder Sandy wants some alone time …



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2 responses to “In the Steele of the Night – 10

  1. eaz35173

    I never realized what large hands Murphy has … Murphy must have been a Boy Scout – prepared with a dusting kit at a moment’s notice. Steele certainly is putting on a good show. And Laura should be proud of her star pupil. Funny how the whole mob is moving like one giant organism from place to place. And that first screencap – too funny!

  2. daphgg

    Wow. Steele is in full control here. Whether he’s role playing or trying to be the star pupil, he is commanding respect , cutting through the minutiae and keeping everyone focused. There should be no doubt in Laura’s and Murphy’s mind that Steele is a natural leader.

    Kinda weird that a room full of detectives is very impressed by Steele’s ability to quote detective textbooks. If they are real detectives they should know this stuff already. On the other hand, maybe they are like Laura and Murphy who think Steele is just a pretty face. But if they think this then wbo do they think is running RS? Murphy? I’m kidding of course.

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