In the Steele of the Night – 14

Abruptly, Donald has had enough.


“I’m beginning to think we’re making a big mistake. Perhaps we SHOULD call the police.”

“DONALD,” Laura says.

Anybody else remember how Ann Marie used to say that to her boyfriend?

Well, this is a little corny. But still.


“What are we DOING?” NotDonaldHollinger asks.


“Whoever did this is toying with us.”

Um, what?



“They’re doing exactly what you said they would do. Planting evidence, manipulating us. Well, enough is enough. I’m going.”



He goes!


He packs! (A pink shirt. Is that significant?)

The Scooby Gang arrive to plead with him not to go. “Donald, don’t you think that YOU’RE being a little precipitous?”

There’s that word again. Good thing Murphy isn’t around to get all confused again.

Speaking of Murphy … “Hey! Is he leaving?”

Brilliant deduction! Yet another crack detective with killer instincts.

“Seems to be flirting with the idea,” Steele confirms.

“I, for one, am tired of playing detective for a day,” Donald says.

Wait. I thought you played detective every day. Isn’t that what you do for a living?

“I also have problems with playing sitting duck for a murderer.”

Eureka! The case is solved! And the murderer is …


Well, that’s an unexpected twist!


Don gets touchy feely with Murphy. “I’ll make it a point to stop off at the police on my way home.”


Wait a second – what’s that on top of Don’s suitcase?


Murphy, not wanting to waste any more of his fingerprint powder, picks up the gun.


“It’s a .38. The one I saw in Carl’s room.”

(He knows the same one because it’s got “Use This to Kill Alan” written on the grip in sharpie.)

Carl is not amused. “You slime! YOU set me up!”

And here we go again.


“This is getting very boring,” Steele assess. (I’m inclined to agree.)


“Have Murphy give one of them the gun, and let’s be done with it.”



Murphy can get a job as a referee for the World Wrestling Federation after this case.


“Of COURSE it was you!” Carl says. “You planted a gun in my suitcase, you let Murphy see it, then you took it back to KILL ALAN!”
Donald looks a little worried. “None of you believe that. You know I wouldn’t kill Alan, don’t you?”

“Come on, Donald, everyone knows about you and Alan,” Sandy interjects.


Oh, ho! Now it’s getting interesting. This Alan was quite the play-ah!


“How when you were back at Havenhurst, he used to make you do all his dirty work for him. Took credit for all your accomplishments. Used to tell jokes about you behind your back – sometimes to your face.”


Well, that’s just mean.
“Sure, sure, but that was ALAN,” Donald insists. “I mean, I admired Alan. And I’ll tell you something else. I LIKED being the second guy through the door- As long as that first guy was Alan.”

Now we know who Donald really was in this office.




Screech continues. “Alan was very good. Sure, he could ride roughshod over your feelings. But we were a team. If he were here, he’d tell you that.”

(Anybody else think they’re subtly suggesting Don was in love with Alan?)
“Team, huh,” Carl mocks. “That’s why when he left Havenhurst, he didn’t take you with him. Stole every client your agency had and left you the king of NOTHING.”

Wait. Havenhurst was DONALD’S agency? He was the clueless, weak-willed boss whose employees ran roughshod over him? Guess he isn’t Screech after all.


He’s WKRP’s Mr. Carlson.

And he’s had just about enough of people throwing shade on his and Alan’s very special, very beautiful relationship.
“I SAID WE WERE A TEAM!” And also,




“Anyway, it was YOU who stole my clients, not him. As SOON as Alan heard about it, he called me.”

That’s sweet.

Donald, circa 1977.
Laura seems to expect Donald to pull out a dagger at any moment. “It’s all right, Donald. We still have to wait for Murphy to look at the fingerprints.”


“I couldn’t kill Alan,” Donald persists, apparently prepared to swallow anyone who contradicts him.  “I counted Alan Grievey among my closest personal friends. I remember this one case that we were on together – me doing the legwork, Alan handling the client relationships, dinner and whatnot. The firm that hired us said it, ‘You two are a hell of a team.'”


Well, THAT sounds familiar.


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5 responses to “In the Steele of the Night – 14

  1. Luann

    Lol – “use to kill Alan” *snerk*
    I don’t remember this episode dragging on the way it does… Must not have watched in a long while. Thanks for keeping it lively.

  2. daphgg

    Yes you are keeping it lively as always. Donald is definitely in love with Alan even after Alan destroyed his business. Never suspected that Donald was the owner of Havenhurst. Can’t help thinking that I’m not hearing right.

    Love Steele’s little quips. Too funny. Laura should be embarrassed that she worked for a boy like Donald. However with a boss like him, there’s a lot of autonomy and control. I wonder if Laura realizes how much she is revealing about herself to Steele through this little adventure.

  3. eaz35173

    Definitely lively, I agree!! I don’t think Donald owned Havenhurst. Perhaps it was more like generically referring to a place where someone works as “your company”. Otherwise, if Alan stole all of Donald’s clients, I can’t imagine him showing up at a reunion. It’s interesting that Donald’s behavior of following Alan was because he wanted to, and Laura’s behavior of following Steele is because she created that dynamic – even tho, on the outside, it looks to be the same behavior.

    I think Laura has no clue how much she’s revealing to Steele. But, she must have known that there would be some things to give him insight because she hid the invitation from him in the first place. I realize that she also hid the invitation from him so that the other detectives wouldn’t get wind that he really wasn’t one of them, as well.

    • daphgg

      I agree she has no clue how much she is revealing to Steele. How ironic that he’s the con playing a role but the others seem to be just playing detective as well. Yes they are trained detectives and maybe in shock from Alan’s death but they seem to not know what to do next to clear themselves.

      I also have a hard time believing Donald owns Havenhurst but his statement that Allan setole all his clients makes me wonder.

      • eaz35173

        Just like a lawyer or financial planner at a large firm has their own clients, these detectives were probably responsible for bringing in their own clients. So it’s possible that Alan stole clients from everyone when he created his own agency.

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