In the Steele of the Night – 16

Kind of a short one this time. Too many irons in the fire!


We find Steele still on a mission! When his Laura is in trouble, he can jog those stairs pretty quickly.


He’s in one of the rooms – Alan’s?


… and starts rummaging through his drawers (that joke just never gets old).


Well, look! Murphy has followed him. Going to apologize, Mr. Michaels? Beg for your job back?


Nope. He’s just going to slouch and pout. Meanwhile, Mr. Steele is getting impatient.


“It’s staring us in the face, damn it!” he growls.

Murphy remains impassive. “Do you know what you’re looking for?”


“I’ve no idea.” Refreshing honesty, Mr. Steele. “Something. Anything that seems out of place. Alan’s room is the only one we haven’t been through. Closet, closet, closet.”


Murphy points toward the closet. Have you been here before, Murph?


“The man had excellent taste,” he notes. “A little conservative. Someone should have told him that herringbone is out.”

 funfacticonInterested in learning more about herringbone? Well, who wouldn’t be! Here’s GQ with all the need-to-know info:


Murphy sits down, apparently to weep (my guess is he has a closet full of herringbone at home). Laura comes in. Steele continues his sartorial lecture.


“Houndstooth is au courant. Actually, Murphy, a trained eye can learn a great deal from a man’s clothes. We dress for what we are.”

“Or what we pretend to be.”


Oh, snap!

Steele will not be baited, sir! “Now what we have here is a man who spared no expense on himself,” Steele remarks. He goes and gets more suits.


“Silk suits, custom made, and by and large, always in style.”


Well, except for that appalling herringbone blunder.


Laura seems to be getting a migraine as Steele continues to make observations about Alan’s sense of style. “A man who lost a great deal of weight, I would think.”


“He went from a size 44 to a 38 – with no stops in between. Hmm.”

Laura seems a little more interested, now.

eurekaLaura murphygetsittoo

Laura and Murphy exchange looks. “He’s done it again, hasn’t he?” Murphy asks.


“Hmm?” Mr. Steele has no time for Murphy’s blathering. “Did what?”

“Of course!” Laura exclaims.


“We’ve gone about this thing all wrong!


We’ve dissected everyone …


… but the one person we should have been looking at from the start!”
Murphy finds her performance gripping. “Alan!”
“Alan?” Mr. Steele tries to be patient with dunderheaded Murphy. “Don’t be absurd. The man’s dead.”
“The others are calling the police,” Laura tells Murphy. “Getting ready to leave. We have to stop them!”

To the Batcave!
Steele watches them go, then continues examining the suits. “Ha!”


Looks like Steele may beef up his own wardrobe. Well, at least he’ll get something out of the weekend.


“Well, maybe not.”


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2 responses to “In the Steele of the Night – 16

  1. eaz35173

    I love Steele’s honest admission here that he has no clue what he’s looking for. But, as you point out, Steele would do anything to help get his Laura out of trouble (except for that time he let her go to jail for stealing the Nudes 😉 – but that was his idea, so it must have been ok), so he’s trying to find something, anything that they might have overlooked. I also like that his knowledge of fashion comes in handy here. Murphy’s comment about dressing for what you pretend to be seems to be a bit inaccurate as far as Steele’s taste and knowledge of clothing go. I’m guessing that before he became RS, he already had great taste in clothing and preferred that lifestyle and had become accustomed to it.

    Laura and Murphy already knew that Alan had lost weight – it’s nice to see Steele come to that conclusion thru his powers of observation. His saying it merely reminded Laura and Murphy about it.

  2. daphgg

    Steele is so funny in this scene. I love his ‘the man is dead’ comment to Murphy.

    Although totally inexperienced and naive in an endearing way it never occurs to Steele that Alan would take his own life. Steele who lives life to its fullest, adventurous measure assumes that others do also. As a result he totally misses the significance of what he finds in Alan’s room. ( Don’t feel bad Steele, Murphy missed it too until Laura pointed it out.) I think if Steele hadn’t broke this case by searching Alan’s room and being his naturally astute self, Alan’s death would not have been solved. I believe this because neither Laura nor Murphy even thought about searching Alan’s room.

    Which reminds me: why is Murphy there? How did Laura know where Steele was? They both must be following him. Lol.

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