In the Steele of the Night – 18

And on to the tag, at last!


It is apparently Monday morning, and we find Laura and Steele on the way to the office together. Did they meet by chance in the lobby? Does Laura have Fred swing by Steele’s place to pick him up in the mornings? Or did they spend the balance of the reunion weekend in one another’s company?


Steele seems in a particularly chipper mood for someone who had to work over the weekend. “So rewarding,” he gushes.


“So stimulating. What a brain twister that was. A puzzle to test the finest minds.” (That finest mind, presumably, is himself.)


He places his hands on Laura’s shoulders in a familiar way. “And you, Miss Holt, shone brilliantly.” He seems to be praising her as a superior would one of his subordinates … a little patronizing? Or genuinely impressed?


Aw. Let’s not question the man’s motives. Prince Charming Mr. Steele goes on ahead to the office.


I think she’s pleased, don’t you?


Steele seems to have changed his mind about something. He returns to her side. “You know, I’ve been thinking,” he begins, striking a Napoleonic pose.




“Perhaps we should have a reunion every year!” Steele suggests. I can see where a man like Steele, who seems to be alone in the world, might welcome the diversion of such a gathering, even with sub-par company like the former employees of Havenhurst.


Laura, however, seems dubious.

As they enter the office (Steele holding the door in typical gentlemanly fashion), we hear Murphy’s voice. “Ballistics tests conducted several days after PROVED that the path of the bullet began INSIDE the industrialist’s body.”


Hey! It’s déjà vu all over again. Laura seems a bit shocked, but Mr. Steele is getting a kick out of this, methinks.


“And travelled OUT,” Murph concludes dramatically.


It turns out Murphy is blowing smoke at Bernice. She is suitably impressed. “That’s AMAZING. But how’s it possible?”

Yeah, Murphy. How?

“How? You wanna know how?”


Bernice, a good murder is like a good wine. It should be savored.”


So take the evening. Or the week, for that matter. Allow it to seep into your thoughts, invade your dreams, consider it and ponder it.”


Emulating his new favorite man of mystery, Murphy prepares to exit.


He pauses, looking back at his  mentor. He seems … uncertain.


“Is that how it’s done?”

Yes, Mr. Michaels. That is indeed the way it’s done. Mr. Steele is proud.

“That boy’s come a long way,” Steele remarks cheerfully.


And the credits roll on their amusement.

It’s kind of interesting that Murphy is suddenly playing Steele’s game – if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em? Does he hope to make himself more attractive to Laura by imitating the man she’s so obviously infatuated with? Or does Murphy perhaps genuinely admire – albeit grudgingly – Steele’s panache and ability to bamboozle people? We’ll never know … but it’s fun to speculate!


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2 responses to “In the Steele of the Night – 18

  1. daphgg

    This ending really took me by surprise. I never expected Murphy to quote Steele verbatium on anything and especially not an entertaining joke like this one. Subtle compliment don’t you think?

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