Steele Trap – 1

And we’re back! Hope everyone had a great summer. Now, on to the business of Steele.


Our episode opens on a nattily dressed couple entering an office. They’re starting to dress alike. It must be love!


Laura starts to introduce themselves to the receptionist, and Mr. Steele chimes in. “We have an appointment,” they say in unison.

Steele finishes the thought: “To see Dr. Bellows.”


The receptionist (nurse?) is the no-nonsense type. “Will you fill out this financial statement,” she begins briskly, handing them a bit of paperwork.

“I’m Remington Steele-” Remington Steele protests.


“And also these waivers of liability,” says receptionurse.


“Waiver of liability, eh?” Steele says. Laura seems content to let him take the lead. Or, based on the look on her face, she’s waiting for him to mess this up. Oh, Laura.

Receptionurse explains that it’s a standard form that releases the doctor from responsibility if they croak on the operating table.


Laura decides to step in. “You don’t understand …”

(Side note: How fabulous does Laura look in that fedora? And how obvious is Mr. Steele’s admiration for Laura here? The boy is smitten!)


Receptionurse isn’t interested in understanding. She wants cash on the barrelhead. “It’s customary to pay for medical services in advance.”

The detectives make an end run for the goal line.


“The fee for consultation is seventy five dollars,” the scary lady persists, moving to intercept them. And by the way, they don’t take personal checks.

The presumed patient’s patience has been expended.


“Nurse Ratched,” Mr. Steele interjects. “We are private investigators, summoned by Dr. Bellows.”

funfacticon Steele references “Nurse Ratched,” a character from the 1975 film, “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.” Louise Fletcher won an Academy Award for the role.



Receptionurse Ratched wants to know why he didn’t just say so in the first place. She goes to call her boss.


Suddenly there is a sound of a gunshot from inside the office, to which Nurse Ratched reacts rather belatedly and with some indifference.


Steele and Laura, however, race into the office.


Oh, look. A corpse. Laura checks to make sure Dr. Bellows is dead.

Turns out he is.



As Receptionurse Ratched goes to call the police, Laura notices dead man is clutching something in his cold, dead fist.


It’s a not-very-elegant invitation: “You are cordially invited to spend the weekend in the Devil’s Playground.”

Well! An intriguing start to the episode, eh? Perhaps most mysterious, we have so far seen no credits. Where is the list of guest stars? Who wrote the script? When do our pals James Read and Janet DeMay get their due? So many mysteries already!


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4 responses to “Steele Trap – 1

  1. Luann

    Yay!!!! You are back! I love this episode-looking forward to your take on it.

  2. eaz35173

    I second that “Yay”!! Glad to have you back.

    Every time I hear Dr. Bellows’ name being bandied about in this episode, I can’t help but think of I Dream of Jeannie.

    They are dressing alike, aren’t they? And he is smitten. Love the use of your new term – receptionurse – perfect! What is the Devil’s playground and why did the doc pull a gun on himself at the office? Strange that there are no opening credits at the opening of this segment. Yes, mysteries all around in this short opening. Looking forward to more!

  3. daphgg

    Yes they are dressing alike. Laura is definitely upgrading her wardrobe to match Steele’s…she looks absolutely stunning! This suit and hat really command authority and power. Yet the nurse is totally immune to this gorgeous, powerful couple in her presence and ignores their responses. (Dr. Bellows must do very well for himself to hire someone as capable as her.) The symbolism of Laura’s clothing is so amazing: she is clearly aligning herself to Steele. She even lets him go first in responding to receptionurse. I think our Laura knew Steele is smitten with her and wanted to see how he could pull himself out of it in order to respond. Steele who always has a quick comeback can’t respond; he’d rather stare at Laura. I think he passed Laura’s test. I’m not sure but I think this is the first time Laura acknowledges symbolically and perhaps privately that they are together in a partnership and together in a relationship. I think Laura is signaling her commitment to him.

  4. daphgg

    And welcome back. You were missed.

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