Steele Trap – 2


Our next scene opens on Murphy, who seems to have stepped up his wardrobe. Trying to be more like a certain smooth operator you claim to despise, Murph?


Bernice (long time no see, Miss … Wolf? Fox? OMG, even I can’t remember any more!) directs the associate investigator into the executive office.


Finances must be tight this month, as we find Laura and Mr. S doing some light housekeeping. They’re dusting the many photos of the illustrious detective with his grateful admirers. Murphy, having just come from the coroner’s office, natch, has some information for them:


“I’ve got a preliminary background check on our … almost client.”

See? This is why you get a credit card number before you start the work so you can at least recoup the cost of the drive across town. You kids need a good financial manager


spoileralert emoticonMildredKrebs


Murphy makes a rather startling (to any classic TV fan) announcement: “Arthur Bellows was a cosmetic surgeon.


You’re slipping Murphy. I’m pretty sure Dr. Bellows was an Air Force psychiatrist.

But apparently he relocated from Cape Canaveral to LA and began a new practice.


“You know, lift this, tuck that.”


Guess I missed that season.

Sounds like Dr. Bellows was as lousy a cosmetic surgeon as he was a shrink; Murphy reports he’s recently lost three malpractice suits and drinks like a fish.


Laura wants to know if Murphy’s found out what this Devil’s Playground is.

“Some kind of resort. It’s on an island off of Baja California.”

Hm. This is the only island I found off Baja, California: Isla San Martin. Looks a little bleak for a resort.


“Resort?” Steele asks, suddenly attentive. “On an island? How intriguing.”

Sorry, Mr. Steele. It’s not this island.


Murphy’s done wasting time on this. “Forget it, Laura. The guy killed himself. The reasons aren’t important.”

Mr. Steele is offended by Murphy’s callous disregard for the late Dr. Bellows. “How cold, Murphy. How callous. Perhaps you’ve been at this too long.”


Mr. Steele, having learned a thing or two about how to pique Laura’s interest, continues: “You’re asking yourself – could that invitation have triggered his death?”


“And you know- the only place to find the answer is in the Devil’s Playground.” He heads for the door.


Mr. Steele briskly commands Bernice to “run out and get me one of those little black bags Robert Young used to carry around.”

Jim Anderson

Wait. I thought Jim Anderson was an insurance salesman?


Oh, THIS Robert Young. Steele also wants medical paraphernalia.

Laura declares herself clueless. “Appropriate props are the key to any convincing characterization,” the master of disguise explains.


Murphy is all appalled again. “You’re going to IMPERSONATE Dr. Bellows?”


Steele declares this is the only way to get to the bottom of the tragedy. A man of compassion, is our Mr. Steele.


“Laura, it’s getting away from us again,” Murphy warns.


“Laura, you’re as curious about this as I am,” Steele persists.


“He has us there, Murph,” she admits.

Steele-1, Murphy-0. Par for the course, I’d say. Poor Murphy.


“Give me an hour to pack,” Miss Holt says, with a fair amount of enthusiasm.

Oh, ho! Laura is going to accompany him to this sordid soiree? I didn’t think she was the type!


Perhaps sensing Murphy’s disapproval, Laura explains. “If I allow him to go out there on his own, impersonating Remington Steele IMPERSONATING Arthur Bellows, can you imagine the outcome? Give me twenty minutes,” she explains.


Steele is pleased. Murphy is NOT.


“I know why you’re so hot to pursue this nonexistent mystery,” Mr. Michaels accuses.


“You want to get Laura alone on that island, don’t you?”


“You know what I most admire about you, Murphy?” Steele says.


Is it possible for Mr. Steele to be any more smug? Yes! It is!


“Your perception.”

Oh, Murphy. You can dress like the master, but that doesn’t make you the master.


Murphy throws down his coroner’s report in disgust.


Game, set and match to Steele!

And STILL no opening credits …


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5 responses to “Steele Trap – 2

  1. eaz35173

    So funny – with all the TV crossover commentary – you managed to link this episode to I Dream of Jeannie, Fantasy Island, Father Knows Best, and Marcus Welby – well done! I wouldn’t be surprised if Gilligan’s Island makes an appearance 😉

    Love the way Steele looks without his jacket, just in his vest. And how domestic are he and Laura – doing light housework?

    Love that wink he gives Murphy when Murphy has him pegged. I do not for a minute think that he is interested in this case, but he sure does know how to push Laura’s buttons. I wonder if this just serves an excuse for Laura, as well, to get away, alone, with Steele?

    A man impersonating Remingtion Steele impersonating Dr. Bellows … reminds me of the plot of Victor/Victoria.

    Poor Murphy

  2. Luann

    Love it – more classic TV references than the TV Land network!

  3. Trudy

    Welcome back! It is so weird that R and L are dusting the photos in the beginning of this scene. Is there some significance? Movie reference? Comment on how long R has already been there (enough time for the photos to get dusty)? Foreshadowing of some future event?

  4. daphgg

    This is one of the funniest scenes and your commentary is hilarious. Poor Murphy, I laughed at his shamelessly. Wow PB and JR really did this scene well.

    Laura is surprising me. Not only is she dressing to complement Steele’s personal style of elegance and sophiscation, she’s housekeeping with him too. AND she agreed to go away with him to a resort kinda quickly. But what I can’t get over is ‘can pack in 1 hour’. As far as I’m concerned she has decided Steele is a keeper both personally and professionally. Weird how he doesn’t even realize what is really happening.

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