Steele Trap – 3


At last! The credits! How we’ve missed you, darling.


We’re up in the air, looking down at a small island. We can tell it’s off the coast of California, because it’s kind of smoggy.


Now we’re on the island, watching the approach of a helicopter. From what we can see, the place looks as bleak and barren as James Read’s and Janet Demay’s prospects for meaningful airtime in this episode. Sorry, guys.


Back in the helicopter again. I’m getting a little motion sick. Speaking of queasiness, we’re at last getting to see who will be featured guests in this episode. First up: Lynne Randall.

behindthescenesLynne Randall here makes the first of three appearances on the series. She must be an extraordinary talent to warrant such attention! Nope. She’s the wife of series creator Paul Gleason.


Back on the island, we see that the helicopter’s name is Paul Hecht. What a coincidence! That also happens to be the name of another of this episode’s guest stars.

behindthescenesPaul Hecht has had a long career, mostly in television. His first role was as “Johnny Cypher in Dimension Zero” (1967), which seems like the sort of cheesy show I’d enjoy very much. JohnnyCypher

Johnny Cypher, presumably at home in Dimension Zero.


Here comes the helicopter! And here’s our next guest star.

behindthescenesBruce KirbyIn a long career dating back to 1955, Bruce Kirby has played many cops and other authority figures. He also played Pete “The Crank” Frank on Punky Brewster. Do you think that’s who he’ll be in this episode?


Since our final two guest stars don’t merit a title card of their own, I’ll address them together.

behindthescenesBrandis Kemp has had mostly minor guest roles on various series, and Diane Stilwell is best known for her small-but-pivotal role in “Earth Girls Are Easy.” (1988)


The helicopter finally lands in a muddy clearing. Wait … what island is this again?


Hurray! No?




Mr. Steele helps Laura out of the helicopter as Lynne Randall’s husband and some other woman’s husband get their due.


Mr. Steele tells the driver (Hey! That’s not Fred!) to pick them up on Monday morning.


A stylishly dressed Steele and Laura mince away from the helicopter as we discover that Michael Gleason wrote (and presumably cast) this episode.


Steele and Laura, who apparently missed the shuttle bus to the hotel, head off into the jungle. Mr. Steele is wearing sensible shoes. Laura is not.


Laura sets the agenda for the weekend: “The first thing we do is introduce you as Dr. Bellows.”


“What if someone knows the real Bellows?” Steele wants to know. Good point.


“I Dream of Jeannie” was very popular in its day.


“We’ll hit him with the suicide and gauge the reaction.” Laura informs Steele that she will be playing the role of his nurse, Tracy Lord.


“I’ve always loved that name: Tracy. It’s so … shimmery.”

behindthescenesTracy Lord was the name of the character played by Katherine Hepburn in the classic film, “The Philadelphia Story.” (Cary Grant, Katherine Hepburn, James Stewart, MGM, 1940) I wonder if Laura was aware of this when she selected that alias? Kate was certainly shimmery in the role.


Tracy Lord, shimmering.


Mr. Steele seems intrigued with this information, or perhaps the discovery of Laura’s shimmery fantasies.

We’ll leave Dr. Bellows and Nurse Lord being welcomed to the Devil’s Playground …



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3 responses to “Steele Trap – 3

  1. Luann

    “Tracy Lord” is certainly a movie reference, though I believe it’s Grace Kelly’s Tracy, in the musical version High Society (1956) who is referred to as “shimmery”.

    • eaz35173

      And Laura, being rather musical, may have been referring to High Society.

      I guess they wanted to get their money’s worth for those aerial/helicopter shots they paid for with how drawn out these credits were.

  2. daphgg

    Really strange how delayed these credits were. I wonder if it was to provide a more dramatic entrance for the wife.

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