Steele Trap – 6

We left Mr. Steele cooling his heels …


Maybe he sees a spider on the ceiling? Just then, another unwelcome creature scuttles in:


Hello again, Mrs. Roper! “Yoo hoo!” she calls. (Yoo-hoo? Is that what the kids are calling it these days?)


Steele seems a little unnerved. Perhaps he’s discerned that Miss Holt won’t be up for a menage a’ trois this weekend.


“You don’t remember me, do you?” she asks.

(Not surprising; “The Ropers” only lasted two seasons.)
Steele plays it diplomatic: “The face is somewhat familiar.”
“It’s not the face you were familiar with,” oozes.

Mr. Steele confesses himself at a loss.


“Well, maybe this’ll get the old crank turning,” (Crank turning? Oh, THAT’S what the kids are calling it these days.)


Mrs. Roper opens her caftan. Is she going to try to sell him a stolen watch?



“Miss Russell!”

behindthescenesI have to wonder if Randi’s last name is a sly nod to Jane Russell, the buxom actress. I recall Carol Burnett once commenting, “In 1943, Howard Hughes discovered two of his greatest assets: Jane Russell.” Hughes even designed a special bra to emphasize her bountiful bosom. Jane_Russell_in_The_Outlaw
The more famous Ms. Russell, displaying her talents in “The Outlaw.”


“They’re YOURS,” Jane Junior purrs.


“Mine?” (What gentleman could resist such an invitation?)


“I tell everyone they’re a work of art.”


Despite being a connoisseur of fine art, Mr. Steele is unimpressed terrified. “Um, could you put them away now?” He glances toward the bathroom, where …


… Miss Groggins, who is dressed rather more formally than their visitor, has emerged.


“Ah, Myrtle, uh, so glad you could join us,” Steele stammers. “That is, we were just going over her … er …”
“Isn’t it GREAT having a body by Bellows?” Randi interjects.


Laura snipes that she wouldn’t know.


“You oughta try it,” Randi suggests. “It really gives you a LIFT.” Judging from the level of her gaze, she thinks Miss Holt’s tuckus could use a little work, too.


Perhaps sensing that Laura isn’t prepared to receive guests, Jane Junior decides to withdraw. “We’ll be seeing more of each other over dinner.”
“How much more can there BE?” Laura grows after she departs.

“It’s all right,” Steele reassures her. “I’m a doctor.”


Laura reminds him, emphatically, that he is NOT. She grabs some gear from her bag and heads back to the bath. Is she going to sleep in the tub?


“Well, as a matter of fact, she thinks I… uh … renovated her,” Steele persists.


Laura quickly spots a hole in this explanation. “She was a patient of Arthur Bellows? And she doesn’t know you’re a fraud?”


“They must have thrown in a lobotomy at no extra charge.”

Oh, dear. Isn’t this where we came in?


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4 responses to “Steele Trap – 6

  1. eaz35173

    PB does the embarrassment thing very well. Yes, why doesn’t Mrs. Roper remember what Dr. Bellows looks like? Poor Steele – isn’t getting anywhere with either lady. I think he handled that very well, considering he wasn’t expecting Randi in the room. Not sure why Laura is still pissed at him. It’s not like he looked like he was ready for a romantic interlude with Mrs. Roper.

  2. Luann

    I think Laura is still steamed about “Myrtle.”

  3. Trudy

    It is interesting that Laura is so jealous/upset/etc that even when she spots the hole in the explanation, she automatically assumes Mr. Steele is lying about Bellows “renovating” Randi rather than having alarm bells go off that maybe Randi does know they are not who they say they are.

  4. daphgg

    Steele handled that very well. He wasn’t even remotely interested in Mrs Roper’s (hilarious) offer and it showed plainly on his face. Laura take note. Laura is still steamed over her competition for his attention and so far she’s not doing so well; they show up at every turn. Yes why doesn’t Randi know Steele isn’t the real Dr. Bellows and why isn’t Laura more concerned about it?

    Love Steele’s lobotomy crack, too funny. Laura is too angry to even enjoy it. Poor Laura her anger is causing her to miss a romantic weekend.

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