Steele Trap – 8

We left Laura pouting in the loo and Steele out of luck. Some time later …


The sound of giggling ripples through the house.


As it persists, Mr. Steele peeks around a corner. So we can assume it’s not Laura giggling, then.


Steele returns to the Bellows/Groggins suite, apparently wondering why someone other than him is apparently getting so lucky this night.


We discover that Laura seems to have claimed the bed. Steele steals over for a look at his sleeping beauty.


He gives her a gentle brush of his hand on her check; she doesn’t stir.


Then, he bends further to drop a tender kiss on her temple.




Reluctantly, Mr. Steele leaves her side and, in the age-old tradition of men in the doghouse …


… takes up residence on the couch.

NOTE: Steele’s tenderness in this scene, when Laura isn’t awake to appreciate it, makes one wonder how deep his feelings for her run. Is the conman already in love with the lady?

After a no-doubt very uncomfortable night, the detectives are awakened by someone banging down the hall.


Get your mind out of the gutter. I didn’t mean that kind of banging.


It’s Feldman, pounding on one of the room doors. The rest of the gang hovers around him.


Laura and Steele appear, already dressed. (In Steele’s case, dressed stylishly. In Laura’s case … oof.) The detectives follow  trail of feathers to their destination. Has someone slaughtered a flamingo in here?



Feldman is calling for Ambrose to open up.


Suddenly the Silent Partner appears and boorishly pushes his way to the front of the line. Feldman continues to holler at Ambrose, demanding to know what he and Cindi are doing in there. (Didn’t he read the brochure?)

“Perhaps they overslept,” Mr. Steele offers. “They were up rather late last night.”


Silent Partner silently kicks open the doors. Now THERE’S a man of action!


The party enters the room and find …


… the nekkid corpse of Miss May, with plumage strategically arranged.


“She’s dead,” Randi declares astutely. (Maybe Laura should hire her for the agency.)

Feldman asks Dr. Bellows how she died.

Mr. Steele ponders the possibilities and offers a succinct diagnosis: “Uh. Um.” (Must be some tropical disease.)


Laura steps in. “That’s probably impossible to tell without an autopsy. Am I right, Doctor?” she says.

Feldman demands that the medical expert make an educated guess. Steele is prepared to oblige him.


He picks up a deadly weapon. “Here’s your cause of death.”


Madeline seems a bit skeptical, but Steele forges on.


“It’s my sad duty to inform you that Cindi Sikes was literally tickled to death.”



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2 responses to “Steele Trap – 8

  1. eaz35173

    Laura and Steele are probably dressed because Laura is an early riser and she probably kicked his butt into gear for the day. I agree on your commentary of her outfit of choice – definitely a “Myrtle” outfit.

    Steele is definitely smitten with Laura. I don’t think either of them could handle those actions if they were both alert and conscious of them. It is very sweet and shows us, the audience, how Steele is feeling about her. You get the sense that he does care for her, that he wouldn’t take advantage of her. He certainly could have climbed into bed with her or tried to wake her with romantic intent – but he doesn’t, he respects her and her boundaries, and proves he’s a gentleman. Unfortunately, this only played out for the viewer’s benefit. Laura has no clue about this side of him yet and his feelings towards her.

    Tickled to death – I wonder which was written first … the punch line or the mode of death?

  2. daphgg

    Wonderful comments. I always wondered how to spell nekkid. Thanks. Lol.

    Yes Steele is a goner for Laura. He has decided in his heart that he’s in it for the long haul. Yes he respected her and her boundaries. He seems a little perplexed while sitting upright in his makeshift bed. He has a look on his face like ‘what did I do wrong’. From his perspective he paid attention to the case (put work first as Laura would have), played the drunken doctor role very well and was funny while doing it, plus he referred to her as his lover which kinda marked his territory. Poor Steele tried his best to impress Laura but miscalculated her completely. You would think that with Steele respecting her boundaries like he did Laura would realize ‘she’s not just a flash in the pan’ to him. Oh I wish she was awake when he kissed her sigh..

    Laura’s lounge dress does look a bit matronly but she still looks great especially her hair.

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