Steele Trap – 9

NOTE: Sorry my posts have been so sporadic. Technology issues. Anyway, we last left Mr. Steele performing an ad-hoc post-mortem on Miss May, diagnosing a fatal case of the giggles.


We now join the crowd apparently some time later. Madeline is boozing again. Hey, it’s 5:00 somewhere.


She wants to know how someone can be tickled to death.  I want to know why she’s wearing that godawful caftan.


Steele, having secured the murder weapon as a fetching accessory to his daytime ensemble,  seems distracted. “Hmm?”


“How? How.”


“I’m afraid the explanation is far too technical for you laymen,” he says.

Ugh. Why do doctors always act like they know everything.


Okay, then.

Nevertheless, our man Feldman isn’t intimidated. He has an explanation of his own!


“I remember my brother telling me that laughter temporarily cuts off the air supply to the lungs,” Feldman offers, as Steele continues his little tap dance.


“Therefore, prolonged laughter could, conceiveably, induce a form of asphixiation.”


“Am I substantially correct, Doctor?”


That’s what I figured.

However, Dr. Bellowsteele is prepared to bluff.


“I sometimes wish that we gentlemen of the medical profession were half as concise as you gentlemen of the bar.”

Indeed. Lawyers are known for their brevity.


Squeee! Feldman got a compliment! Who da man?


HE da man!

Meanwhile, back to the crime …

“Tickled to death,” Randi notes. “And I always thought that was just something you said when you were happy.”


Steele is curiously amused by this statement.  He begins to explain how he arrived at the death-by-chuckles explanation. “I heard Mr. Blinn and Miss Sikes around three this morning.”


“Found myself in the throes of …” Careful, doc. Nurse Groggins looks a little testy this morning. Presumably because she’s realized how ridiculous her jumpsuit is.


“Some back problems.”


Well played, sir.


“Attempted to walk off the excruciating pain,” he continues under Laura’s watchful eye.


“Miss Sikes was giggling her way to ecstasy.”

“Are you saying it was an accident, doctor?” Feldman asks.


Mr. Steele is prepared to expound on his theory. “In the heat of passion, in the grip of heavenly transport, perhaps Mr. Blinn simply got carried away and didn’t know what he was doing – or when to stop.”

Laura seems a little uncomfortable back there. I wonder why?

“Ambrose Blinn is a sadistic FREAK,” Madeline says. Perhaps. But I think we can assume anyone who would wear that outfit is a MASOchistic freak, Madge.


“Well, he likes to inflict pain under the guise of pleasure,” Feldman agrees.

Um … and you know that how?


“This is just the sort of thing he’d come up with,” Randi affirms.

Perhaps because she’s had NO sadistic fun this weekend, Laura has had enough of this guessing game.


“I think we should find our host,” she announces.


“Put the question of what happened to him.”


Feldman is eager. “Good. Let’s split up.”


“It’ll be more efficient that way. Some of us search the grounds, others take the house.”


“I want Dr. Bellows for a partner!” Randi exclaims excitedly. Hurray for murder!


Steele seems amenable, but Feldman is irked. “Randi, this is not an Easter egg hunt.”

Well, Laura’s dressed a little like an Easter egg. Close enough.


Randy Randi and Suave Steele exit stage right.


Feldman claims Laura.


And Silent Partner, who has been lurking in the background all this time, hurries out a side door, apparently to avoid having to partner with Madeline.

The game is afoot!


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3 responses to “Steele Trap – 9

  1. Luann

    The women’s clothes in this episode really do leave a lot to be desired… Caftans, jumpsuits etc. not flattering to any of them, especially the suspects who are all supposed to be playmate types.

  2. eaz35173

    Love your GIF commentaries on this one! And, yes, good backpedaling, Mr. Steele – in the throes of back problems – ha! He certainly is getting better at reading Myrtle’s signals 😉

  3. daphgg

    Sorry about the late response, having computer issues and life stuff. Ugh the women’s clothes in this scene are matronly and ill-fitting. Hope they improve. Love your commentary: Randy Randi and Suave Steele Lol.

    I’ve always wondered why Laura didn’t want to pose as Dr. Bellow’s lover. Although it wasn’t cool for Steele to advertise their faux tryst as if it was casual conversation, Laura’s reaction was a little over the top and let Randy Randi gain a place literally at Steele’s side. Laura, what are you doing?

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