Steele Trap – 11



It seems fun-and-games time is over. The late Ambrose Blinn’s guests reconvene in the mansion.


Steele is laying out the facts of the case. Strangely, Randi seems to find him less alluring in this mode.

“Ambrose Blinn was choked to death,” Steele pronounces.


Feldman wants to know how it was done.  “Rope? Wire? Strangled?”
“Garbage,” Steele retorts.


Feldman is offended. “I’m sorry, sir. I thought it was a pertinent question.”

“Garbage,” Steele reiterates.


“Okay, okay, doctor. You’ve made your point.”

Steele clarifies: “Ambrose Blinn was literally choked to death with garbage. You know: pork rinds, lettuce stems, potato peels.”

Ha! I knew vegetables were bad for you!
Madeline has her doubts. She also has her booze. “Are you sure?”
“I saw it with my own eyes,” Steele assures her.  “The man’s mouth was a veritible salad of death. Believe me, it wasn’t a very appetizing sight.”

Watch for the exciting Kickstarter campaign for next year’s most terrifying thriller, “Fruit Salad of Death!”

Laura adds some grisly details: “And from the appearance of the body, he’d been dead several days.”

“Then he couldn’t have greeted us last night from his bedroom, could he?” Feldman points out.


Laura goes to the surprisingly futuristic big-screen TV and turns Mr. Flinn on.


Oh, stop. You know what I meant.


“It was on tape,” she explains.


“All anyone had to do was press the ‘Play’ button, and Ambrose magically appeared on the screen …”


“…allowing everyone to think he was upstairs.”

But wait!


“We were all in the dining room when he started talking,” Randi astutely (!) notes.


“All except …” Feldman gives Madeline a meaningful glance.


“I was playing the piano,” Madeline protests, using an uncommon euphemism for “drinking like a fish.” She says she was as surprised as anybody when Flinn popped up.

“It’s obvious you turned the tape on,” Feldman persists.

But Laura has another explanation.


“There’s a timer on this machine. Any one of us could have set it and been safely in the dining room surrounded by witnesses.”

Pretty smart for an inamorata!

Madeline, who is not an inamorata, is confused. “Which means?”


“Which means,” Steele fills her in, “One of US is the murderer.”

Laura thinks it’s time to call the authorities. Good idea! Except …


“No phones,” (no longer)Silent Partner pipes up. “They won’t be hooked up until the official opening next week.”

Wait. I was under the impression this den of iniquity was a going concern.



Steele is nonplused. “No phones?”
“No nothin’,” NonSilent Partner elaborates.  “No radio, no TV, no shortwave, even the electricity’s runnin on the emergency generator.”

Well, crap. I think we all know what that means.

Laura wants to know how NonSilent Partner is so knowledgeable.


He says he checked.

How come?
“I like to know them things.”
Steele sidles over to Laura. “It seems our first priority is to stay alive until the helicopter returns next Monday,” he utters.


“Toward that end, I suggest never being alone with one other person. Always make sure there’s a third party present.”

checkingtheoptions unlikelycouple lonelyguy

Everybody gives each other suspicious, sidelong glances.


“That way, the killer won’t be able to strike again,” Steele concludes.

“And then there were none?” Laura inquires.

“You must admit, a knowledge of cinema occassionally comes in handy,” he says.

Feeling a little smug, Mr. Steele?


Feldman declares that smart advice … “Except for one thing: What if there’s more than one killer?”

reactionshot1 reactionshot2

Yeah. What if there’s more than one killer?


Um …


Keep calm and trust Mr. Steele.

NOTE: I’m going on vacation October 17-24 (woot! woot!), so won’t be posting again until next Sunday or so. In the meantime …


Talk amongst yourselves!


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2 responses to “Steele Trap – 11

  1. eaz35173

    What kind of VCR was that? I thought they only had timers to record shows – not to start a playback. I guess back in the early 80’s, when VCR’s were in their infancy, the writers thought they could slip that one past us.

    >>“No nothin’,” NonSilent Partner elaborates. “No radio, no TV, no shortwave<< – I always hear the Gilligan's Island end theme in my head with this line. Probably because they were filming at the Gilligan's Island lagoon for this one.

    Have fun on your vacation!!!

  2. daphgg

    I remember when I first saw this scene I figured out who the murderer was.

    In addition to the VCR timed playback, there were other issues in this scene. It is really strange that there was neither phones nor electricity in an upscale resort a week before opening. When constructing a new hotel the first item to be completed after the foundation and frame is installing the wired electricity. That is so the construction staff can use it for their equipment and finishing details.

    Another issue is Madeline’s hair style. It is unbelievable even for the 1980s: center parted bangs with hair fluffs on each side of the face. Whoa.

    Laura seems impressed with Steele’s ‘And Then There Were None’ movie analogy which is strange considering that she acted like she didn’t even know what it was when Steele mentioned it in an earlier scene. Glad she came around to our Mr. Steele’s way of thinking. I like this scene though, Steele starts flexing his muscle and stops acting like an airheaded doctor.

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