Steele Trap – 12

Back from vacation! Meanwhile, Mr. Steele and Laura’s not-s0-romantic getaway seems to go on and on …


We see Mr. Steele manning a video camera. What kinky business is this, sir?


The camera pans back to reveal Laura’s reflection in the mirror, rifling a closet.  The trail of feathers reveals that they are in the late Miss May’s room. Wait. Was the camera there when they discovered the body? If so, might they not check the video footage to see if the murder was recorded?

Steele is musing on the case.  “More than one killer. “Do you think that’s possible?” he asks.


“Whoever it is has a certain poetic bent,” Laura responds. Steele doesn’t get it; Laura expounds.


“Well, Ambrose Blinn was accused of publishing garbage, and he was choked to death with it,” Laura explained.

“And Cindi Sykes, who had an irritating propensity for giggling…” Steele jumps in, catching the drift.

“…giggled herself to death,” Laura concludes.


“Any candidates?” Steele inquires.

Laura notes that none of the guests seem overly fond of their host.


“That might account for Blinn’s death, but what about Cindi?” Steele asks. “I hate to speak ill of the dead, but she seemed far too vacuous to do anything that might drive someone to murder.”

Laura has an answer for that.


“She did replace Randi in Blinn’s affections.”

Steele isn’t convinced.


“Yes, but you should have heard the two of them over dinner, exchanging anecdotes over Blinn’s sexual preferences like so many recipes,” Steele says with a tone of distaste.

Hm. It seems a life of hedonism isn’t as appealing to Mr. Steele as he perhaps anticipated.


“Are you familiar with the honey thing?” he asks Laura.


At Laura’s blank look, he elaborates.


“Apparently you heat a bowl of honey …”


“… then take half a pound of shredded walnuts…”


Steele’s recipe recitation is interrupted by a piercing scream.


The detectives race from the scene of one crime to what is presumably the scene of another …


As they race toward the piercing shriek, we again observe the Breck bounce in Laura’s luscious tresses.

randomalertbreckbounce. The Breck Bounce was supposedly caused by a mysterious substance called Sartron that made Breck conditioner extraordinary. Strangely, I can’t find evidence of any ingredient called Sartron in a Google search. Hmmmm.


Although Steele was in the lead in the previous frame, we find Laura well ahead of him on the way down the stairs. We hear shouting and shrieking in the background.


At last they come upon the scene, finding Silent Partner and Mrs. Roper assaulting each other with blunt objects.

“Help me! He’s trying to kill me!” Randi is screaming.  “He came at me with that pool cue!”

Silent Partner says she’s crazy. He claims she came at HIM with a poker.



Yes, but how do you REALLY feel?

Randi prepares to deal a death blow. “Pornographer!”
“You should know. You were my biggest star.”

Well! Things grow more sordid by the minute!


Laura’s had enough.  She wrestles the weapon away from Randi. Look how lush and shiny Laura’s hair is. That Sartron stuff really works!

“A little warm for a fire, Miss Russell,” she quips.


“Ask him what he was doing in here, going through Ambrose’s desk,” Randi suggests.


“I wanted a look at the books,” Dominic says.
“Why?” Steele wants to know.


Silent Partner explains that he put up the green to back these clubs (you mean there’s more than one?). “We were supposed to be partners, 50-50. Only Ambrose forgot how to add when it came to my share! So I wanted to see just how much he snookered me out of!”

Oh, that’s a SNOOKER cue, not a pool cue.

“How’s that for a motive?” Randi suggests.


“It’s fine for Ambrose,” Laura tells her. “But it still leaves Cindi.”

Mrs. Roper has an answer for that one, too.
“All last night, he was comin on to her, tryin’ to get her to go upstairs with him.”


“She just looked in his ugly face and said if she wanted an animal, she’d go to the zoo!”


Aw. Now you’ve hurt his feelings.


He makes a lunch toward Randi. Unfortunately, Laura and Steele get between the combatants and keep them from murdering each other.


“What about you? What about you?” Silent Partner protests. “Ambrose kicked you out on your kazoo!”


“Don’t be too sure, toad face,” Randi sneers, making a toadish face of her own.


“I got invited here, didn’t I?! Maybe Ambrose missed a REAL woman.”

Laura looks dubious at this suggestion.


“There ain’t more than ten percent of you that’s real.”



Randi tries to muscle out of Laura’s grasp. Mr. Steele has had enough. “People, PLEASE!” Steele demands.


“Let’s confine ourselves to name calling! It’s far more civilized.”

So presumably this chaotic scene is meant to make us believe that either Randi or Dominic is the murderer. What do you think?


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6 responses to “Steele Trap – 12

  1. eaz35173

    I think I want to hear more about that honey thing 😉

  2. eaz35173

    Welcome back from vacation! Hope yours was more relaxing than Myrtle’s!

    Good question about the camera in Miss May’s room. And doesn’t Steele look like he’s getting all comfy on that bed (ick – someone’s been murdered there). I like the use of the mirror in this scene from a technical/film sense – it’s a good way to see all that’s going on in the room without having to move the camera.

  3. Luann

    What an unpleasant group of suspects! Agree about the honey thing.

  4. daphgg

    I too would like to hear the honey recipe. Hope they get back to that. It seemed like Steele was steering things toward a more romantic note with Laura. Too bad attempted murders got in the way.

    This scene clinched it. Randi is my top suspect. The reason is why would Randi care if Silent Partner searched Ambrose’s desk? Unless she needed to kept something in it hidden? Plus she did a great job creating a diversion to keep everyone from asking about it. And I wouldn’t keep egging on a man if he had a weapon in his hand; doesn’t matter if I had one or not. Making an angry bull angrier just isn’t smart. Yes she has cooled toward Steele. Maybe she has figured out he only has eyes for Myrtle after he rejected her ‘real woman’ advances.

    SZ always had thick, gorgeous hair even in her earlier films. Glad the powers that be nixed the pigtails idea.

    Welcome back.

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