Steele Trap – 14

Later, presumably after Mr. Steele has strangled Laura with her pantyhose …


… we hear Madeline noodling on the piano as the lights begin to flicker.


Silent Partner is on the couch again. Isn’t it nice that, in this day and age when one finds corpses laying all over the house and grounds, people still bother to dress for dinner? Now THAT’S gracious living.


More or less.


Feldman appears with information: “Generator’s running low. If we don’t conserve energy, we won’t last the night. Come on, help me get some candles.”
Silent Partner ain’t buyin’ it.

“I’m not going anywhere alone with you.”
Feldman can solve that problem. “Myrtle, would you please join us?”
Oh. She’s not dead, then. But hold the phone: Laura has something to say.


Steele appears in the doorway as Laura adds, “Before we go anywhere, I have a confession to make.”

So Laura’s the killer? Well, that’s unexpected. Case closed, then.


“Oh, no. It’s not that!” Laura reassures me.

“I hate the name Myrtle.”


Okay, that was a little anticlimactic.


“My middle name is Laura. Please. Please, call me Laura.”

Hm. Does Laura really hate Myrtle that bad, or is she afraid she’ll forget to answer to Myrtle some time?

The three men respond as one might expect to Laura’s startling announcement: Who cares?


As she passes Steele on the way after SP and Feldman, he chides her quietly,”Tsk, tsk, tsk. You really know how to disappoint a crowd.”
Laura doesn’t respond well to teasing. “Just get the ball rolling, will you?”

Oh, if there’s one thing Steele knows about, it’s balls. Or rolling. Or something.



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4 responses to “Steele Trap – 14

  1. eaz35173

    Who wore that white dinner jacket and black pants ensemble best?

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