Steele Trap – 15

After Laura leaves with the guys, Mr. Steele’s sexual frustration reaches a point of desperation …


“Ready to do it, Miss Russell?”
Even Mrs. Roper seems taken aback by his boldness.”What?”

Randy Randi says she’s ready to do a lot more than that, “…but if it gets the ball rolling”
There’s that ball again. Who knew Mr. Steele was so athletic!

“That’s the idea,” he answers. Randi seems very tickled.

They approach poor wallflower Madeline, still making love to her piano.

“The doc and I want to dance. Play something we can grope to,” Randi demands.

The lady reminds them she doesn’t take requests.
“Not even for old times’ sake?” Randi asks.
“Especially for old times sake.”
“Hey, don’t take it out on me,” Randi smirks. “I’m not the one who shafted you. You wanna get even with someone, go shove some more garbage down Ambrose’s throat. That is, if you didn’t do it the first time.”
“Look who’s talking,” Madeline counters.
Oh, boy …


Cat fight!

“I take it you and Mr. Blinn weren’t on the best of terms,” Steele observes.

“He was a lowlife. A sick growth.”
Mr. Steele wants to know why she accepted the playboy’s invitation, then.

“He owed me.”

Randi’s had enough of the chitchat.


“Artie doesn’t wanna hear your sad story, Madeline.”

Wrong again, Randi!


“On the contrary,” Steele mutters. “Artie’s fascinated.”
Beats having to bump and grind with Randi, I guess.


Randi is a little disappointed at this news. Madeline launches into her exposition sob story.


“Two years ago, Ambrose formed a record company. Just for me. Six months later, he folded it. Said he couldn’t GIVE my albums away.”

” I was reduced to playing sleezy little clubs in the Valley.”


“You had your shot, Madeline,” Randi taunts. (Let’s hope it was a shot of penicillin.) “More than most.”
“I wanted another. Besides, he owed me, after all I did for him.”
Again with the “owed” bit. Gonna spill, Madge?

“What did you do for him, Madeline?” Steele asks.
“How’s this?” she answers, and begins playing a familiar tune.

Getting the hint, Art and Randi hit the dance floor. Something tells me Randi is into dirty dancing.


“What DID Madeline do for Ambrose?” Steele asks as Randi pulls him into a clinch.
Bizarrely, Randi begins singing the words to the song Madeline is playing: “It’s the wrong time, and the wrong place.”

behindthescenes“It’s All Right With Me,” written by Cole Porter for the 1953 musical, “Can-Can,” was later used in the musical, “High Society,” where it was sung by the character – wait for it – Tracy Lord.



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4 responses to “Steele Trap – 15

  1. eaz35173

    Too much exposition in this scene for me, and I’m still not sure what (if anything) I learned from this – except the bit about Tracy Lord singing the same song in High Society 😉 But Artie sure is easy on the eyes!

  2. daphgg

    Lol. I agree too. Madge isn’t much of a suspect: no venom or vigour.

    Funny how Laura goes off with 2 other men and Steele grabs the nearest woman in the room after rejecting her advances. Could he be feeling a little jealous?

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