Steele Trap – 16

Just then,


Laura and the boys return bearing candelabras.


As the lights flicker again, Silent Partner pronounces, “I’m gonna turn off the generator.”

Feldman asks if Dominic wants company on his journey. Nope.


He’s brought a friend. (and a cummerbund!) Meanwhile, back on the dance floor …


Steele has an indecent proposal for Randi: “Why don’t we continue our gyrations up in my room? You slip away now, and I join you at the propitious moment?”

I’m going to assume Randi thinks “propitious” is something kinky.

Yep. “You didn’t happen to notice if there was any honey in the kitchen, did you?”

Artie promises he’ll check. Randi heads off for the rendezvous.


Laura and Feldman are still putting finishing touches on the mood lighting.


Steele appears to ponder a moment, then moves to join Laura.


“Care to finish this dance, Myrtle?” Oops. Try again, Mr. Steele.


“Excuse me. Laura.”


As they prepare to trip the faltering light fantastic, Steele is apparently pondering how condiments other than honey can be sexy. “Is the ketchup still on the dining room table?”
Laura is fretful “I wish we could find something a little less phony.” Is she referring to the ketchup, or her dancing partner?
“No one will be able to tell.” Something tells me he’s done something like this before.

Just then the lights go out.


Good thing Madge plays by ear. The sudden darkness is accompanied by a piercing scream.


Here we go again!


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5 responses to “Steele Trap – 16

  1. eaz35173

    So she asks him if there’s any honey. Does this mean she keeps a supply of walnuts in her suitcase? And why is he inviting her back to his room, where she must know that Myrtle … uh, Laura … is staying. Shouldn’t they be going to her room?

    I’ve seen this episode several times 😉 , and only now (because of your commentary) do I understand the ketchup conversation. Another reason to love your blog!

  2. daphgg

    Your commentary is great. I never got the significance of the ketchup until now also.

    I think Steele played Randi well. By sending her to his room she has a false guarantee that he is serious. If he had suggested her room, she probably would have insisted they go together.

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