Steele Trap – 19

Attention! Pivotal scene ahead!


We see Laura looking pensive in the big, satiny bed. (I wonder if anybody got anything to eat? Who is doing the cooking now that Miss May is dead?)


Steele has assumed the position on the fainting couch.  “Laura?” he says quietly.


“I’ve been thinking of what you said. About honesty in our relationship. And in the interest of a new forthrightness, I feel there are certain things you should know about me.”

skeptical spock

Well, that’s a surprise!


Laura wants to know if he’s about to share pleasant things.


Ummm …


Laura decides ignorance may be bliss. “Sometimes, not knowing is better.”


“For instance, I wouldn’t want to know you had a wife and kiddies tucked away somewhere.”



“Or that you killed someone …”


“… or swindled little old ladies out of their life savings.”


No comment.


Laura, in a confessional mood, continues. “When I invented Remington Steele, I gave him all the qualities that I admire in a man:”


“honesty, integrity, compassion, desire to help others …”

Sorry, Laura. If you found a guy like that, he would certainly be gay. Because that’s how it works. #bitterspinster


“Sounds as if you’re destined to be endlessly disappointed in me,” Steele notes.


“Maybe I created an impossible role for anyone to play.” (One wonders if Laura created such a paragon of virtue knowing no one could live up to her ideal – giving her an excuse to not become attached to any man who might break her heart.)


Time for a bathroom break? Nope. Laura needs to get closer to Steele as she’s baring her soul.


“We have a very. .. tenuous relationship, you and I,” she concedes.


Reaching him, she gets down on her knees to bring herself to an equal level with him. Significant?


She is very serious here. “And if we ever … cross that line … take that step …”


“…turn that corner …”


“All those awful eufemisms for going to bed with someone …”


“Then maybe I’ll want to know – everything.”


I think Steele is falling hard for this honest, vulnerable woman.


“Then again, maybe I won’t.”

Sounds like Laura is a little conflicted. But there’s one thing she is sure of:


“But I would want to know it would mean more than a moment.”


Oh, dear.  And things were going so well.


“That it would last longer than a weekend in the Devil’s Playground.” Steele knows what she’s getting at.


“A commitment, of sorts.”


Mr. Steele responds with heart-breaking tenderness. He can’t give her what she wants to hear.


“I’ve spent the better part of my life avoiding those things like the proverbial plague.” (Note, however, that he doesn’t say anything about his future …)


Laura figured as much.


“But the fact that you wanted to be honest with me is a hell of a start.”

A bittersweet moment, an acknowledgement of mutual attraction but potentially insurmountable differences. Still, there is always hope …


Reluctantly, it seems, Laura returns to the bed alone.






“Sleep well.”

“You, too.”


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8 responses to “Steele Trap – 19

  1. eaz35173

    Sigh! A HUGE amount of honesty in this one scene. I think you summed it up well … >>A bittersweet moment, an acknowledgement of mutual attraction but potentially insurmountable differences. Still, there is always hope …<<

    You're right, Laura wants to know/doesn't want to know about his past and he speaks in the past tense about commitment. He's definitely falling hard for her. And she is giving him food for thought for what could be in their future. I imagine this conversation keeps him awake this evening thinking. Thinking about the man Laura wants and whether or not he can put some of his own fears and habits away to move toward that.

    I like Laura's comment about his honesty being a hell of a start. A "start" is a good thing. She's not ending it. And they both want to continue it. I feel they have a long road ahead of them, but this conversation was pivotal.

    Also, as I read on one blog about this show … what tv show these days has a conversation like this only 10 episodes in? They've both acknowledged a mutual attraction to each other, both want something to move forward, and they are talking about it. It's huge even by today's tv standards.

    Shameless plug …. my vid about Commitment (which, unfortunately, won't work on a mobile device) …

  2. trudy

    I’m probably the only one, but I find this scene problematic. In the first episodes, Laura says she can’t sleep with RS because she wouldn’t be able to “control” him. This is ~10 years before Sex and the City asked whether women can have “sex like men”; Laura has figured out a way to compete in a man’s world in business, but the power in sex is still all to the men. To Laura, sleeping with RS would be yielding the power to him, and she can’t afford to do that because of their “business” relationship. Earlier in this episode, Laura talks about the fun they could have had sneaking into each other’s rooms; maybe she is starting to feel more comfortable with her relationship with RS and that she could handle the power dynamics of mixing business with pleasure. I can believe she changed her mind about that in the middle of the episode, but she is asking for a commitment? I think the writers reduced the feminist statement of the show by making Laura’s reluctance to sleep with RS about wanting a commitment vs. sexual power dynamics…

    • eaz35173

      The use of the word commitment was by Steele. In my mind, Laura just wanted to know that it would be more than a one night stand. I don’t think she was looking for a long term commitment (even tho it sparked a vid idea from me), but at least an exploration of their relationship that would last more than one night.

      I still think there is an element of sexual power dynamics. Even couching it in the form of some type of commitment, she is still holding the power of when sex will happen.

  3. daphgg

    Laura had a lot of competition this weekend which I think caused her to realize that she needed a commitment to avoid becoming part of a wannabe harem. I think that is what she makes her afraid of him. She already knows she’s in love. That’s why she doesn’t want to know the bad stuff about him yet; emotionally she is too fragile.

    Steele is used to living by his wits and people skills. Hoping as he might, there is no way he didn’t suspect that Laura would settle for a quickie. They both are very emotionally involved in their budding relationship and their talk indicates it is not casual to either of them. Although Laura stopped short of the picket fence, Steele was not about to say no to a commitment with her. He’s already made two: to be HER Remington Steele with all her needs abd expectations and to be with her. That’s why he’s still there earning how to be a detective and retiring the thief. These are the reasons I believe that Steele wasn’t saying that he never made a commitment before. He was saying he didn’t know how. And Laura responded with he had taken the first step.

    What I want to know is: what was he going to confess before she interrupted? Dang she should have waited!

    • eaz35173

      I agree with your points about them already being committed. Felicia already had it pegged a few episodes ago – wondering how Laura got him to stay in one place and figuring out he was smitten. And his talk about commitment here is all past tense. He’s not saying that he is still this way, just that it has always been like that for him (with the unspoken, “until now”).

      Yes, what was he going to confess??? Might be good fodder for a fanfic.

      • daphgg

        Steele’s concessions n would make great fanfic. I agree that Steele was discussing his past not his present. I wish Laura had kept quiet; I have a feeling she would have gotten everything she wanted from him: his past, his heart, his commitment. I believe Laura is the one with relationship issues not Steele.

    • Laura is an interesting case. Outwardly she seems so frank, freely expressing her needs and uncertainties. However, she keeps her genuine vulnerability under wraps, while Mr. Steele – who talks a blasé, no-attachments line – wears his heart more overtly on his sleeve. I could see how Mr. Steele would feel like he’s getting mixed signals from Laura, even at this early stage. She talks about a relationship, yet her outward coolness seems to imply she’s not deeply engaged on an emotional level.

  4. daphgg

    I agree. Laura says she’s open to a romantic weekend with Steele but the first thing she does is to create distance between them behind her name and being introduced as his lover. Starting to wonder if Laura is in love with the fictional RS character she created.

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