Steele Trap – 21

Moments later (or perhaps hours later; time seems to run a little wonky on this island) …


… Feldman spins his tale. “It was Randi who came up with the initial financing for Devil’s Advocate magazine.”


“Ambrose promised they’d split everything down the middle.”


“But when the magazine took off, which was almost after the first issue, he realized what a gold mine he was sitting on and he didn’t want to split up anything with anybody. ”

Oh, look! Someone took the time to make tea.  Just because the place is strewn with bodies doesn’t mean we can’t all be civilized, eh?


“So, she hired me to take him to court,” Feldman continues.


“She had him, too. Even though there was nothing in writing, they had a verbal contract, an oral agreement …”


“…witnessed by one other person.”


“Madeline Vickers,” Laura deduces.


“Lawyers, Miss Holt, are a glut on the market. When you’re merely adequate, as I am, there aren’t a lot of firms clamoring for your services.”


“So it wasn’t a difficult decision for me to make when Ambrose offered to let me represent the magazine in exchange for sabotaging her case. No, it was depressingly easy.”

Whatever. Get to the point, pal.


“Everybody has a price, I guess.”
“And Madeline’s was a recording contract,” Steele remarks, genteelly lifting his cup.

Suddenly this is reminding me of that series of Taster’s Choice commercials in the 80s.

Gotta love me some Anthony Stewart Head. Anyway …


“Ambrose set up the label, she had a convenient lapse of memory, the case didn’t even come to trial.”


Silent Partner breaks his silence. “Why don’t you ask him who gets control of the magazine now that now that Ambrose is dead?”


Steele wants to know if congratulations are indeed in order. Wait. Are Feldman and Dominic getting married? How modern!


Feldman looks stunned as Dominic accuses:


“Only, as long as those two broads were alive there was always the chance that Madeline would tell the truth and he’d wind up with Randi as a partner.”


Feldman retaliates. “What about you, huh?”


“With Ambrose with out of the way, he’d have full ownership of the Devil’s Playground clubs.”

Boys, boys. Let’s not squabble. There’s enough pornography to go around for everybody!


“Great reason to ice Ambrose,” Dominic retorts. “But I had no beef with the others.”

Could Dominic be any more of a stereotyped Italian mobster? Faggetaboutit. But his comment raises a question about the plot of this episode.

Just where is the beef, anyway?


“YOU are it, Feldman,” Dominic fingers him.

Feldman declares he’s had enough of this kangaroo court.

funfacticonAccording to Wikipedia, “Although the term kangaroo court has been erroneously explained to have its origin from Australia’s courts while it was a penal colony,[2] the first published instance is from an American source in the year 1850. Some sources suggest that it may have been popularized during the California Gold Rush of 1849, along with mustang court,[3] as a description of the hastily carried-out proceedings used to deal with the issue of claim jumping miners.[2] Ostensibly the term comes from the notion of justice proceeding “by leaps”, like a kangaroo.[4] Another possibility is that the phrase could refer to the pouch of a kangaroo, meaning the court is in someone’s pocket. The phrase is popular in the UK, US, Australia and New Zealand and is still in common use.[5]


Not to be confused with a kangaroo ON the court. Kangaroos suck at basketball.


Feldman high tails it.


Dominic follows.


“Well?” he demands  “Aren’t you gonna stop him?”


“We’re on an island, Mr. Dominic, he can’t get very far.”


“You think he was planning to be found here with all these stiffs when the helicopter showed up?” Dominic points out.


“He’s got a way off this island. We gotta find him!”


“He does make a certain amount of sense,” Laura concedes.

Yikes. When Dom’s the smartest guy in the room, we’ve got trouble.


Laura follows Dominic out; Steele dawdles. I think he’s had about enough of this sex comedy.


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2 responses to “Steele Trap – 21

  1. eaz35173

    Always glad to learn something from you blog. I had no idea kangaroos are bad ball players 😉

    Yes, when Dom’s the smartest guy in the room, there is definitely something wrong. Maybe, like Gilligan’s Island all attempts to leave the island are automatically thwarted?

  2. daphgg

    Makes no sense why Feldman is running. If he’s innocent, he is making himself an easy target for the killer. If he is the murderer, then he must be an Olympic champion swimmer.

    I also don’t like Laura’s top.

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