Steele Trap – 25

Apparently it’s Monday morning. We see Steele and Laura on the way to the office together.


“Nothing like a weekend away from the pressures of work to  rest the body and renew the spirit,” Steele is saying.


“Just one thing before we leave the Devil’s Playground behind us for good.”


“What exactly was in that hypodermic needle?”

Laura, who apparently has had hours to do research in the library since they made it off the island, has the answer:


“Something called digitalis leaf.  The right dose slows down the pulse and heart rate to the point where only a doctor- ”


“- a REAL doctor, can tell you’re not dead.”


FYI. (Don’t say you never learned anything from this blog.)


“Um. I never told you about the walnuts and honey, did I?” says Steele, who is apparently turned on by pharmaceutical talk.


Meanwhile, in the office Bernice and Murph are looking grim. Presumably they’re beginning to sense that their increasingly limited airtime doesn’t bode well for their longevity on the show.


Laura seems very cheerful as they enter. Apparently Mr. Steele has just shared a joke: “Two walnuts and a jar of honey walk into a bar …”


Murphy wants to know how the weekend went. Apparently the island full of corpses didn’t make the news.

Steele fills him in: “”Incredible. Fantastic. Couldn’t have been a more rewarding experience.”


“We started to get to know one another quite well,” Laura adds.


“You did?” Bernice asks as Steele and Laura exchange a meaningful look.


“Our leader was getting very heavy into the truth game,” says Laura.

Wait. I thought LAURA was the leader.

Murphy seems dubious “Really?”


“Absolutely,” Steele confirms.


“Honesty is the new watchword around here now.”

Laura is pleased by this news.


“Good. Then we’ll start with your name. Your REAL name.”


The support staff wait expectantly.


“My name …” Steele hedges. “As William Shakespeare so aptly put it, a rose by any other name-”


“Still has thorns,” says Murphy.


You’re quite a wit, Murph!


Upbeat music plays as the screen freezes on Laura and Steele’s amused delighted interested bored expressions.

Well, what a rollicking ride that was, eh? Happily, though we leave the episode with the stage covered in corpses like the final scene of Hamlet, none of those people were very likable.

On to Steeling the Show!


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3 responses to “Steele Trap – 25

  1. eaz35173

    Dang … still no walnuts and honey explanation … perhaps they were making baklava? I like how Laura runs her finger down Steele’s lapel when she is talking. Something about it conveys a bit of intimacy. Also, why are they arriving together? Did they just get off the plane together, did they stay somewhere together overnight? Did Laura swing by and pick him up? So many questions.

    >>Wait. I thought LAURA was the leader.<< – I thought the same thing. When did Laura put him in charge?!

    Poor Murphy and Bernice. The writing is on the wall and it's only the 10th episode.

  2. daphgg

    Yes Steele and Laura definitely are acting awfully chummy. Giving him a promotion by calling him: the leader. They act like they got so used to being together that they’ve decided to continue being in each other’s company. It was going well too until Laura remembered that she wasn’t supposed to be THAT chummy and asked about his real name. I always wondered why Steele didn’t tell her the name he went by with Daniel Chalmers. Maybe he’s taking this commitment thing very seriously.

  3. Luann

    I heard air quotes around “leader” fwiw…

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