About Steele Away With Me

This blog is inspired by “Just Walk With Me,” the excellent episode-by-episode recap of the 80s-era TV show, “Scarecrow & Mrs. King.” (If you are also a fan of that show, I highly recommend that blog.) The purpose of Steele Away With Me is to take an affectionate, albeit somewhat irreverant journey through each of the 94 episodes of “Remington Steele,” (1982-1987) the stylish and funny detective show starring Stephanie Zimbalist and Pierce Brosnan. I welcome contributions and feedback!

12 responses to “About Steele Away With Me

  1. BJo

    Hi Bink! I made it over here! Do you mind the nickname? If so, please say so and I’ll stop 🙂

    Your blog is very impressive looking – you’re off to a fantastic start! I haven’t seen an RS episode since the 80’s but I remember liking the show very much. I do think PB is a hunk – he has aged well, but I must admit my first TV love was (and still is – embarrassed smile) Bruce Boxleitner of Scarecrow and Mrs. King, which is how I ended up here! I know that will make sense to you even if it doesn’t to anyone else. And I know there are at least a couple of RS lovers on the SMK blog – I can’t imagine it would be a problem to mention your new blog over there if you haven’t already!

    I’m looking forward to following your blog and seeing what develops. I don’t remember much about this show at all. I wonder how much of it will come back to me from reading your blog.

    Best wishes!

  2. Thursdays, I think. Had to choose between magnum and David Addison (Moonlighting).

  3. eaz35173

    And YOU know how I feel about chest hair, hence my choice. Plus, Tom Selleck is another one of those all around nice guys in real life that everyone seems to like and co-workers rave about.

  4. hiya Kgmohror! I finally made it over here – and your blog is looking fab!!! So great to see how much you love this show, and the love and attention you are paying it – Hi Everyone!!! I’m Iwsod!!!!

    I may not stop by often, as writing my own blog keeps me busy, but once I’m finished walking through the episodes of Scarecrow and Mrs King, I’ll definitely start watching Remington Steele again – with kgmohror’s fabulous insights and all the insightful comments of RS fans to help me on my way! I have season 1 but will need to source the rest.. Umm just how many seasons are there of Remington Steele?
    I’ll definitely comment and reply.. even if it will take a few years – so don’t go anywhere kgmohror! I look forward to spending lots of time here in years to come.. RS never gets old right?!

    Byeeee and all the best for your journey through the episodes of Remington Steele!!

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